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Is there a trend of Casinos closing in South Wales? What online alternatives are there?

By AdFeatures  |  Posted: January 15, 2013

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High street casinos are closing everyday at an alarming rate. Just recently the Aspers Casino in Swansea closed its doors after it was deemed too expensive to keep open. Despite initially expecting more than 10,000 people per week to enter its doors, the staff were consulted and told they were to lose their jobs when the casino closes. Unfortunately this is not that uncommon. With the recent recession people are not willing to splash out as much as they used to on hobbies and many are getting help to cure unhealthy gambling addictions. This loss of support has meant that casinos are closing all over the country, not just in South-Wales.

There are a number of reasons for these closure, not just including recession. Some casinos are complaining that ineffective and expensive planning and trading regulations are preventing them from making a viable business. The complicate procedures involved in gaining a license and operating a casino are negatively effecting the businesses and they are losing much revenue to alternatives such as online gambling sites. However, this does not mean that the once booming gambling industry is on the decline.

Online gambling websites and affiliates – such as Belle Rock Entertainment – offer a cheaper, more effective and easier alternative to the high street casinos. While you may not be able to splash out at the bar whilst on an online site, you can play all your favourite casino standards without leaving your house. Some are not so keen on this as the high street casino will offer many extras that an online environment just cannot offer, things such as freebies, often offered to the most wallet generous customers and incentives to go back. Proponents of the online casinos claim that this has helped many overcome a problem with overspending. They say that by spending on an online casino you can carefully manage how much you spend everyday and ultimately enjoy gambling with more responsibility.

Online gambling has seen a surge in recent years with the National Lottery making its presence known online and gambling companies sponsoring sports clubs. This extra exposure from tournaments such as the Premier League has meant that online casino are booming, despite the recession. With audience figures above 600 million, the premier league is prime beef for any company that wishes to gain exposure. Online casino also benefit from being able to be accessed almost anywhere in the world, so their customer base is not limited to one country. This is ultimately what has helped the online companies trump their high street counterparts in terms of yearly revenue. Last year the U.K. gambling industry was worth more than £6 billion with more than 10% of this coming from remote gambling sites.

With so many companies expanding their online business to meet the demands of customers, it is no surprise that online gambling has grown so much. The ease of use means that others who previously did not have easy access to the casinos, are able to easily enjoy their hobby from their own home. However, responsibility is still a big issue. The gambling industry in the UK has pledged to donate more than £5 million each year to tackled problem gambling; something that is not as big a problem as in the USA where many super casinos still operate and benefit from popular interest.

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