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So, what exactly has EU funding paid for in south west Wales?

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: June 22, 2016


Swansea Uni's Bay Campus and the Waterfront Museum both benefited from EU funds

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Wales goes to the polls this Thursday to decide if Britain should leave or remain in the European Union.

It's sure to be a close run vote with the 'Leave' and 'Remain' camps hoping to secure those undecided voters in the final stages of their campaigns.

But has south west Wales seen any financial benefit from Brussels? Many argue that the money has huge advantages for Wales as a whole - while others say that funding is money sent back to Wales from Brussels.

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Here are some examples of how EU funds have been spent in the area:

Swansea University's new Bay Campus

Swansea University's new Bay Campus opened its doors to 5,000 students in September. The development was backed by £40 million of European Structural Funds and a finance package of £60 million from the European Investment Bank.

Swansea Waterfront Museum

The National Waterfront Museum in Swansea tells the story of Wales, the world's first industrial nation, to the present day and into the future.

The Museum, which includes a gallery, exhibition and library, benefited from £3.7m of EU funds when it was constructed.

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£2 million of EU funds was put towards the 'WaveSub' project, led by Marine Power Systems Ltd based in Swansea, to allow their scaled prototype to be developed and tested.

Quadrant Bus Station

£5.8m of EU funds was made available for Quadrant Intermodal Transport Centre, led by the City & County of Swansea, which replaced the outdated and rundown bus station.

360 Beach and Watersports Centre

A centre of excellence for watersports, the 360 Beach and Watersports Centre is a visitor attraction backed with EU funds.

Llanelly House

The £7m restoration of the Grade 1 listed Georgian building was backed by £2.5m of EU funds.

The Works project (Y Ffwrnes)

The £15m (£5.2m ERDF) The Works/ Y Ffwrnes project, led by Carmarthenshire County Council, created a new multi-purpose cultural and arts centre for Carmarthenshire. It is one of the initiatives underpinning the Llanelli Town Centre Regeneration Masterplan Strategy and forms part of the new Cultural Quarter in Llanelli town centre.

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Harbour Way

£54 million of EU funds was made available for Harbour Way, led by Neath Port Talbot CBC, which involved the completion of a link route between junction 38 of M4 to Port Talbot and the docks.

Advanced Engineering and Materials Research Institute (AEMRI)

£7.5 million of EU funds went towards TWI's Wales' Advanced Engineering and Materials Research Institute (AEMRI), which will see work start on a new state-of-the-art facility at Harbourside Business Park in Port Talbot.


£7.5m of EU funds for Neath Port Talbot Council's Workways+ scheme that will offer training and paid work experience opportunities to 4,000 long-term unemployed people to help get their lives back on track.

Neath Port Talbot Regeneration

£9.6m EU funds were invested as part of Neath Port Talbot Regeneration project which included schemes to help make improvements in and around the town centres as well as a purpose built Community Enterprise Centre.

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  • richard-m  |  June 23 2016, 12:21PM

    This is a very misleading article. The E.U has only contributed a small percentage of the investments made in these projects. It hasn't wholly paid for any of them. The funding that the E.U provides in Wales is category 1 funding which we will no longer get once it is decided that Wales is no longer in a state of poverty. Democracy is far more important than having relatively small amounts of money invested in projects in Wales. Vote Leave

    |   16
  • Rogerbow  |  June 23 2016, 9:32AM

    Successive Westminster governments have underfunded Wales and what major investment brought in has tended to be Cardiff centric so to believe that we would be treated any fairer following Brexit is optimistic to say the least.To isolate the UK both economically and defensively,cutting down the opportunities for the younger generations and retreating to a Little Britain position makes me sad and disillusioned.We might as well become true patriots and demand an exit from England who have had control for a millennium on Welsh affairs(no referendum then).

    |   -6
  • PM_SA1  |  June 23 2016, 9:16AM

    In the interest of a balanced argument, will the follow up article be "What have the UK taxpayers done for EU funding?" Last time I checked it was roughly £380 billion of contributions (including the rebate) since 1973.

    |   4
  • donquixote  |  June 23 2016, 8:44AM

    If anyone believes that Wales will continue to get money from the EU, once Albania, Serbia, Turkey and others become members, they need a reality check. Wales has had EU funds since 1999 and has gone backwards economically - one of very few recipients of funds from the EU not to have improved its economy. The EU will, quite rightly say "you've had your money".

    |   6
  • TaweBoy  |  June 23 2016, 8:26AM

    People are missing the point, yes the EU coffers is made up of our money that we have paid over in tax etc. What I am worried about is will we see as much money back as the EU give us from the Tories or any other party. Wales gets more back proportionally than the rest of the UK. The EU is far from perfect, however, I think leaving won't be the answer. Terrible lies from both sides of the campaign. It shows why so many people are so disgruntled with politics.

    |   1
  • Rebus  |  June 22 2016, 7:58PM

    Thankfully hoppnskips us sensible intelligent adults all have a right to make our own minds up and those that aren't in this bracket of intelligence will vote to stay. Vote Leave.

    |   18
  • trncjack  |  June 22 2016, 7:49PM

    waw hoppy, I did not think camoron was a tattooed slap head ,I knew he was a fan of some football club who he cannot remember the name of , I must admit he would get a laugh if he were to jump up and down in the stands as he does in the house , Hoppsnskips ,you show your own imbicilic ignorance by lowering the tone with those types of comments .

    |   -1
  • proud_welsh  |  June 22 2016, 7:28PM

    I gave my mate £10 and he bought me a pint, best mate in the world so generous Lol Vote Leave

    |   3
  • hoppsnskips  |  June 22 2016, 6:34PM

    Oh great, now we get imbecilic lectures in patriotism from tattooed slap-heads. Just what we need to convince us to leave. Stick to chanting in the stands and leave the thinking to people with more brain-cells than a bus ticket.

    |   -5
  • jeffrey3  |  June 22 2016, 6:12PM

    look at the kinnocks who said the eu rubbish but took himself and wiffy of on that magic roundabout becoming millioniares oh dear oh dear jeff3

    |   10


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