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We all know that it has to be Turkey for Christmas dinner. But what we want to know today is, what is your favourite meat (or main food item, if you're a vegetarian), for your usual Sunday Roast? Are you a fan of a lush leg of Lamb, or do you prefer a piece of succulent Chicken? Maybe you like Turkey all year around? Let us know below:

47 people have voted.

Now the transfer window has closed, we want to know which player you think was the best buy.

How many points do you think Swansea City will have at the end of August?

Poll closes for voting on July 08, 2016

How many points will the Swans have at the end of August?

9: 54%

54% of the vote

6: 23%

23% of the vote

3: 8%

8% of the vote

4: 8%

8% of the vote

5: 8%

8% of the vote

7: 0%

0% of the vote

Poll is closed

What do you think Swansea City's result will be when they play Manchester United?

Lose: 61%

61% of the vote

Draw: 26%

26% of the vote

Win: 13%

13% of the vote

Poll is closed

If you could vote, who would you like to see be named Lord or Lady of Wales

Is this the worst Brazilian team ever?

79 people have voted.

Should there be a seagull cull in Swansea

113 people have voted.

Is the Millennium Stadium like a 'disco' as claimed by former Wales and Barbarians hooker Mike 'Spikey' Watkins?

77 people have voted.

Do you think Ashley Williams will still be at the Liberty Stadium come the start of the 2014/15 Premier League season

Who would you like to see crowned winner of The Voice 2014?

Should electronic cigarettes be banned in enclosed public spaces?

Was the ref wrong to blow the whistle for full-time when he did at Arsenal V Swansea

What do you think the score will be tonight? The Arsenal score is the first one in each instance

Have pushy and abusive parents become a problem at junior sports events in Swansea?

Vote for your favourite BBC Three show

58 people have voted.

Should Newcastle's Alan Pardew be sacked after appearing to headbutt Hull's David Meyler?

Was Chico Flores play-acting when he was fouled by Andy Carroll?

Who are Swansea most likely to beat?

Do you think Tom Ince would be good for Swansea?

Will the Swans be in the Premier League next year?

Are you happy with the train service you use?

Should Swansea City prioritise the Premier League over the FA Cup?

Would parking charges put you off shopping in Gorseinon?

Does Gorseinon need a skatepark?

Would you object to being filmed while using a council recycling site?

Do you think Swansea will avoid relegation?

Have you ever had a one night stand?

Is the parking penalty charge system in Swansea fair?

Which is Swansea's greatest ever win

Is the Boulevard project a good idea?

Do you think the road should be renamed after Nelson Mandela?

What's your favourite Waterfront Winterland ride this year?

Should Villas-Boas been sacked?

29 people have voted.

Do you think the Lostprophets lyrics should be removed from Pontypridd pavements?

Will Swansea City win at Norwich on Sunday?

Should MPs receive an 11 per cent pay rise?

50 people have voted.

The best Christmas songs: Vote for your favourite

What's your favourite Christmas film?

Do you feel safe in Wind Street, Swansea?

Should the white horse make a return?

Do you think James Hook is a better player since he moved to France?

Is enough being done to improve Swansea?

Have crime commissioners made a difference?

What should be done to stop the Wales rugby player exodus?

Is this a good investment?

Vote for your favourite Christmas TV advert

Is enough being done to ensure taxis and minibuses are up to standard?

Is your council house in need of an upgrade?

Do we do enough to help tackle homelessness?

Does our health service do a good job?

Should gas and electricity prices be capped?

Vote for your favourite of these Dylan Thomas poems.

25 people have voted.

Do you have faith in Swansea councillors to get the travellers sites decision right?

Was Margaret Thatcher good or bad for Britain?

46 people have voted.

Should the number of AMs be increased?

Should the ban on fox hunting be relaxed?

Is the Swansea shopping experience improving?

34 people have voted.

If you were in charge - what would you do to save Swansea Council money?

39 people have voted.

In which month would you like to see the poppies blooming?

28 people have voted.

Should Swansea Council splash the cash on the council chamber?

Should the High Street regeneration be a priority for Swansea Council?

Who was the best God?

Are the Fire Brigades Union right to strike?

Should Cardiff Airport be named after Dylan Thomas?

Is the road layout in The Kingsway safe for pedestrians and motorists?

Could you live without the internet?

Do you agree with the bedroom tax?

If Jamie Roberts is ruled out of the Autumn internationals, who would you like to see play at centre?

Which of these films suggested by readers would be your favourite for a wet weekend?

23 people have voted.

Who's your favourite Downton Abbey character ever

Vote for your favourite of the 10 most borrowed CDs from Swansea Libraries

Vote for your favourite of the 10 most borrowed DVDs from Swansea Libraries

Vote for your favourite from the top 10 most rented books at Swansea Library

Should a life sentence mean just that?

Should parents be allowed to take their children out of school for holidays during term time?

39 people have voted.

Should companies be allowed to drug test their workers?

39 people have voted.

Which of these is the best horror film?

28 people have voted.

Should parking be free in town centres?

Should Zeus die?

Should Britain take military action in Syria?

Do you agree with the speed bump plans in Margam?

Should the funding be a postcode lottery?

Who would you like to see at Swansea City?

Should the Upper Afan Valley residents be allowed to keep their bigger wheelie bins

Should Swansea recycling centres accept pink bags?

What do you think the score will be in the first leg of the match between Swansea City and Petrolul Ploiesti?

Has the compensation culture gone too far?

Should parents be taken to court if their children repeatedly fail to attend school?

Should underground coal gasification be allowed to take place in the Loughor Estuary?

What do you think the score will be in the Swansea V Manchester United game. In each option, the Swansea City goal total appears first

18 people have voted.

Who do you think will be Swansea City's top scorer in the 2013-14 Premier League season?

18 people have voted.

Where do you think Swansea City will finish the 2013-14 Premier League season

21 people have voted.

Do you back more powers for the National Assembly of Wales?

Does your man spend longer than you in the bathroom?

Do you think spending £84k on deputies is necessary in the current economic climate?

Swansea's pub quarter need urgent attention

Should a limit be placed on the number of new licensed premises in Swansea

Should Swansea have sex-licensed premises?

What should the royal baby be called

22 people have voted.

Does Swansea have too many betting shops?

Do you think health and safety concerns have gone too far?

27 people have voted.

Will England win the Ashes?

19 people have voted.

Will Andy Murray win Wimbledon?

Was the Sainsbury's checkout girl right to refuse to serve a shopper on their mobile phone

Do you agree with the presumed consent system for organ donation?

Would you consider cosmetic surgery?

Do you use cellulite lotions?

Who do you think will replace Matt Smith as Doctor Who?

What do you think the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first born will be called. You can vote for girls' or boys' names below.

What do you think the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first born will be called. You can vote for boys' names below.

Do you cleanse, tone and moisturise every single day?

Are you in favour of the proposed Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon?

21 people have voted.

Vote for your favourite Eurovision song

11 people have voted.

Do you wear some form of  make-up every single day?

Vote for the best beach in South Wales

32 people have voted.

In a fantasy world, who would you most like to see sign for Swansea City?

Do you prefer to buy “natural” cosmetics?