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  • Article Image

    F1 is going back to the future - again

    FORMULA One has never evolved by standing still.Sometimes, even, it's gone backwards to move forwards.Re-fuelling mid-race would be one of those backward steps...

  • Article Image

    New bolder style Clio

    THE fourth generation Renault Clio features a bold new styling direction but has five practical doors. The focus is clearly on efficiency, quality and driving...

  • Article Image

    Should there be a women-only F1?

    WHEN Lella Lombardi became the first female Formula One driver to earn a World Championship point in 1975, she surely can not have thought she would be the...

  • Audi Q7 is coming soon

    SIGNIFICANTLY lighter, considerably more efficient, appreciably more technologically accomplished — this is the all-new Audi Q7 in a nutshell. The...

  • Porsche's Spyder premiere

    PORSCHE is celebrating the start of the 2015 convertible season with the World premiere of the new Boxster Spyder, a purist sports car making its debut at the...

  • Green award double for BMW

    FOR the second year in succession car giant BMW clinched victory at the World Car Awards in the category of world green car.Following the success of the purely...

  • Article Image

    Eccentric and perfectly refined

    FIRST up, an admission. I absolutely loved this car's third generation pre-2010 predecessor. There was something delightfully eccentric about it, from its...

  • Article Image

    F1 cream always rises to the top

    HOW Red Bull can say the things they have this week with a straight face is beyond belief.This is a team which utterly dominated the sport for two seasons...

  • Article Image

    Getting a glimpse into F1's future

    FERNANDO Alonso thought it was 1995 shortly after his crash in testing.Had it been, we would have been treated to a battle between Damon Hill and Michael...


    BMW's 125i may look a little odd but it's business as usual when it comes to making its rivals appear second rate. Andy Enright reports.Ten Second Review:Compro...

  • Article Image

    Ducati hails a record year

    DUCATI Motor Holdings recently announced record sales for 2014 with Ducati UK and its dealer network contributing significantly to this overall result.For...

  • Article Image


    WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT?Inflation is a fact of life. It's inescapable if you're a biker too, with subsequent generations of bikes often becoming bigger, weightier...

  • Article Image

    NX range gets turbo-power upgrade

    THE early success of Lexus's NX crossover range is set to gain extra, turbo-powered momentum with the introduction of the new NX 200t, the first model to...

  • Article Image

    Fiesta van enjoys a head start

    BY far and away the simplest route to creating a class leading small car-derived van is to start with a class leading small car. Which in the seventh generation...

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