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Motor News

  • Partner announced for championship

    HYUNDAI Motor UK Ltd has been appointed as the 'Official Car Partner' to Britain's concluding round of the 2014 FIA World Rally Championship.Following the...

  • Article Image

    An Air apparent

    YOU probably remember the Kia Picanto. It was the tiny, inexpensive city car that did rather well out of the scrappage scheme whereby people traded in their old...

  • Peugeot push for up-market position

    PEUGEOT'S 508 has been significantly updated to keep it at the cutting edge of the executive car segment.Featuring major changes in exterior and interior...

  • Article Image


    ALTHOUGH the Toyota Hilux has forged a reputation as something that cannot be killed, a little luxury inside still plays well with buyers, and the latest car...

  • Article Image

    Stylish way to celebrate

    THE Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo sounds agreeably sporty, but is in fact a mere styling exercise for the Fabia SE. Still, as mere styling exercises go, it's a very...

  • Article Image

    Change needs more thought

    OPERA singers never stop learning, I was told by one once.Because perfection in their world is never achieved.Driving a Formula One car is also a far from...

  • Still safe at the wheel?

    DRIVER error is far and away the biggest single cause of road accidents, which makes the driver's skills a vital safety factor in every car.The trouble is, very...

  • Article Image

    This has it all

    BE in no doubt the Corsa VXR Clubsport throws down the challenge to the hot hatch elite and make no mistake it delivers, big time. A 205PS 1.6 litre turbocharge...

  • Vauxhall celebrates with a £500 gift

    VAUXHALL is hosting a celebratory event at its retailers across the country this weekend, where customers purchasing a new Vauxhall car or van will receive a...

  • One hot hatch!

    SUPERMINI hot hatches were where you traditionally went shopping if you really wanted to improve your chances of arriving back home in something not very good....

  • VW pick-up range gets a new edge

    VOLKSWAGEN Commercial Vehicles is set to give its pick-up range a dramatic new edge with the introduction of the new special edition Amarok Dark Label...

  • Article Image

    Golf suits all tastes

    VOLKSWAGEN'S Golf is the family hatchback against which all others are judged — and never more so than in this lighter, larger, quieter and more efficient...

  • Article Image

    undefined headline

    THE latest Moto Guzzi V7 is a modern Italian take on a sixties icon. It doesn't pretend to be anything else and for that reason it sort of works rather well....

  • Extra! Extra!

    THE new Audi A4 comes with a whole host of extras that you get to choose from such as whether you prefer a six-speed manual gearbox or the 8-speed Multitronic...

  • Hard to beat

    THE A4 used to be a make or break vehicle for Audi. It was the big seller of the range, the cash cow that financed the Ingolstadt company's bolder flights of...

  • Premium saloon is ready for its debut

    JUST recently launched in North America and due to make its European debut at this year's Paris Auto Show is the much upgraded edition of the Infiniti Q70...