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Two fingers to protesters from elderly wheelchair-bound woman attending UKIP rally in Swansea

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: May 01, 2014

An elderly wheelchair-bound woman put two fingers up to protstors at the UKIP rally at the Liberty Stadium in Swansea.

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THIS elderly woman clearly wasn’t impressed with the protesters outside last night’s UKIP rally in Swansea.

She appears to be putting two fingers up to the people carrying placards with slogans such as ‘Hatred not welcome here’ and ‘Stop racism now’.

They seemed to see the funny side though.

The wheelchair-bound woman was one of a number of people attending the Liberty Stadium event.

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It came after Nigel Farage cancelled a proposed walkabout in Swansea’s Oxford Street, because of ‘security concerns’.

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  • poosley  |  July 05 2015, 7:40PM

    Seems you all want to leave the sheep alone and get some education. At least UKIP tell the truth.

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  • mdcurran  |  May 12 2014, 9:07PM

    probably about a third of voters are non-indiginous thats why!

  • 163ct034  |  May 07 2014, 5:35PM

    Philosoraptor I'm local and wouldn't vote for ukip loonies if you paid me. why would i want a to vote for a party that attracts closet racists.The BNP used to attract the swivel-eyed loons, and then the EDL, and each has imploded amid, funnily enough,lots of in fighting.now its UKIP time and the right wing swivel-eyed loons, who support them follow like sheep A recent poll found about a third of voters thought UKIP was racist, Ukip's policies are based on fear and fear of the world, fear of foreigners? and just to get us out of Europe? that's it and the idiots will follow and vote for them its a sad day it seems the morons will be in charge of the asylum soon god help us! and god help welsh jobs.

    |   -9
  • Philosoraptor  |  May 07 2014, 11:12AM

    Lezz_T and Neathboy have now resorted to attacking old ladies who are confined to wheel chairs. Oh how our society is falling apart thanks to left wing extremists, not even the elderly are safe. It's just words now, how long before a leftist extremist physically attacks them for daring to vote.

    |   -3
  • Philosoraptor  |  May 07 2014, 11:05AM

    Neathboy, if you are local person your grandparents will be UKIP supporters. Somehow I couldn't ever see you daring to say this stuff their faces.

  • Kaiser_Macsen  |  May 03 2014, 9:35PM

    DressBagShoes: The Soviet Union style border controls that Farage wants would be oh-oh-oh so popular with British holidaymakers and everyone travelling to Europe and elsewhere on business. The current situation is bad enough. Still, I suppose he and his followers think that anyone who leaves or enters Britain is up to no good.

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  • thomastdout  |  May 03 2014, 8:16PM

    The present Neath Port Talbot Mayor is not averse to a spot of bother.

    |   -1
  • Rwest1974  |  May 03 2014, 6:15AM

    Neath mayor and unison rep attending protest.

  • Francis_Dunn  |  May 02 2014, 9:31PM

    Currently (9:31pm, 2 May 2014) on the politics tab on the SWEP, the most recent 8 articles are about Nigel Farage. A poster on this thread who is noted for his ghoulish, misanthropic comments about suicides and fatal accidents says he'll vote for UKIP - What a surprise.

  • Gwyddno  |  May 02 2014, 1:12PM

    Neil: Was she sacked but now earns #"*%& a month on her computer? Yes, it did make it into the news in2012. At least the Councillor who you refer to has realised the huge mistake that she made years ago and is now doing good work for her community. You can go to the local Milton Keynes newspaper and check.

    |   2