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Chinese Puzzle (15)

STARRING:Romain Duris, Audrey TautouGENRE: Comedy, romanceSHOWING: September 22, 7.30pm, Swansea's Taliesin Arts Centre.WE GIVE IT: ★★★★✩WE RECKON:XAVIER follows his ex-wife to New York to be near their kids...


Sex Tape (15)

STARRING:Cameron Diaz, Jason SegelGENRE: ComedyRELEASED: Out nowWE GIVE IT: ★★★✩✩WE RECKON:SEX Tape is the raunchy tale of a happily married couple, who drunkenly agree to perform every position in The Joy Of...


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Sep 18, 2014  to  Dec 18, 2014

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