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Four things that don't define Swansea - and four things that do

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: April 04, 2014

Lynsie Johnson and daughter Caitlin. When Caitlin disappeared in St Thomas, the community rallied round to find her. This is what Swansea is about.

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WHEN Evening Post staff member Joanne Leworthy walked down High Street recently she got quite annoyed.

Jo posted: “Facebook rant coming up........When you walk up and down High Street daily you really see some sights, but today, as two young girls were walking towards me one of them spat on the floor, probably seeing my look of disdain, as they pass by me the girl says "We're from Swansea and we spit"! Well I'm Swansea born and bred, and proud of it too, but I don't spit in the street.”

We think Jo has hit the nail on the head.

Just because some people in Swansea do it, that doesn’t make it Swansea.

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Here’s a few more things that definitely aren’t what Swansea is about, and others that definitely are:

Definitely not what Swansea's all about:

Throwing litter out of your car, or tossing it in the street. Yes, it happens, but it’s not what we’re about.

Definitely is Swansea.

Last month a group of volunteers gave up their morning to tidy up Langland beach. They didn’t have to do it, but they did, and they are far from the only ones to tidy up their community.

Read more here.

Definitely not what Swansea's all about:

A girl filmed apparently defecating in the street made headlines around the world. But it doesn’t happen every day and certainly no more than anywhere else. Hopefully the girl in question feels suitably ashamed.

Definitely is Swansea

A film of a different kind helped bring a car thief to book. A dashcam captured the moment a thief stole a bumper and fog lights from a car. It was placed on social media and some of the good folk of Swansea recognised him and he was brought to book - a community working together against criminals.

Read more about what happened here.

Definitely not what Swansea's all about:

A few too many drinks have often led to punches being thrown in Swansea. And some people seem to go looking for trouble, or to start it. But the vast majority of Swansea people go out, have a great time, and then go home again, without harming anyone. We musn’t forget that.

Definitely is Swansea

Swansea health professional Andrew Jones went to Uganda to treat people for burn, stab and gunshot wounds in the middle of a war zone - people for whom violence is not a choice. And he’s not alone. Every year Swansea people help those less fortunate and with few of the facilities we have, either through giving generously, or leaving their house and going out there and doing it.

Read more about Andrew Jones here.

Definitely not what Swansea's all about:

Random acts of human violence are far more rare in Swansea than the opposite - random acts of human kindness. A woman was the victim of the former recently in Uplands when she was beaten unrecognisable by the man pictured above - Lawrence Williams. No doubt the support she has received since, and the actions of those who came to her aid show what Swansea is really about.

Definitely is Swansea

The above is one of the best photos we’ve ever printed in the Evening Post - mum Lynsie Johnson being reunited with her missing 4-year-old daughter Caitlin in St Thomas. And the photo was made possible by a community who rallied round to find her. This is most definitely what Swansea IS about.

Read about what happened here.

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