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“I need help to identify if a cat is stray, feral or just an outdoor cat.

Whilst having a cigarette one night in our garden about two months ago (maybe less), and from one month it waits outside for us to come out for a cigarette every night. The cat will be there from about 7PM until well past midnight. We have never fed the cat but since it has grown friendly and immediately comes for comfort we are unsure if it has a home, as the last few days this cat has been on our door step when we leave the house for work.

That is twelve hours around our house on a daily occurrence since the weather turned cold last week. It looks well fed and perhaps well groomed, but even in rain it is waiting for us. It has lately got bolder and looks as though it wants to come into the house with us.

It's a tortoise shell more white, and has a couple of very dinstinctive markings that can be very easily described by an owner. Female. This is in the Landore/Brynhyfryd area. If there is nothing claimed here it will be taken to a shelter within two weeks from now. There is no collar tag.”

By Philosoraptor Posted: January 16, 2013


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  • skewenboy  |  February 03 2013, 4:38PM

    If it was me, I'd take it in, as an animal lover. Clearly, if it's still in your garden until 'well past midnight' it's not being properly cared for. But if you don't want to adopt a cat, then that's not an option. You obviously care, as you've posted about it...and you might consider this: it could be micro-chipped. If so, taking it to your nearest vet for a scan, (probably and hopefully free!!!) could determine the identity and contact details of the owner.

  • hacker_jack  |  February 04 2013, 12:47PM

    If it comes every night then contact they RSPCA, they can send someone around to wait for it and will dort out checking for tags etc. Better leaving the experts to deal with it than try to take it in yourself.

  • Philosoraptor  |  February 05 2013, 11:00AM

    Hi Hacker, we contact the RSPCA and they were not interested. This is the third time about an animal we have been let down by them, it was the reason why I came on here but I didn't want to specifically mention the situation about that organisation as I am aware there are people who hold them dear to heart. But we took the cat to a cat shelter (the one near Alltwen), they were really helpful and asked if wanted to be kept informed about it's welfare over the coming weeks. Obviously we said yes because the cat did grow on us alot, but we made it clear we could not adopt the animal because we have two dogs and that one of those was allergic to cat flee's and thus we couldn't take a risk. The shelter called us back within a few days, a veterinarian who lives nearby to the shelter said that beyond doubt the cat was feral and likely never had an owner. She referred to a Morriston vet for confirmation and they asked where precisely did we find the cat, we informed them of where our address was and they promptly returned her to the area. They assured us that the cat may display interest in entering the house but that is just to catch a glimpse of what animals are inside, she can apparently smell the dogs and because of a bond with us as we have been friendly, she wants to make sure me and my partner are safe and that they won't harm us. Amazing stuff. They advised us to never feed her because her diet is fixed to catching rodents and bird and we may harm her ability to hunt effectively over a sustained period of time, and they assured us that if she delivers kittens then she would not try to bring them to our house because "we are hers... not her kittens". She isn't pregnant but she has had a litter in the past but they have likely moved on because she spends so much time around us. We are told to enjoy the company but to remember she is an animal raised in the wild and is a truly proficient surviver so we do not need to provide anything for her at all, but she retains the companionship and trust of certain people that feels comfortable around. In effect, we seem to have inherited a cat without any of the responsibilities that comes with it lol.... Could be the cheapest pet we have ever had haha


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