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“I'm not a Tory voter personally, but it galls me when I see our Prime Ministers constantly rebuffed by French presidents. It's quite obvious, that they (French) don't like our UK premiers, (probably us Brits too) no matter whom we have running our country. I saw his half hearted hand shake of Cameron today on the morning news. Why did Cameron make the first move, in future play hard to get just ignore them, the extremely rude so and so's. It was obvious he did not want to talk to "our Dave", no matter how congenial Dai was. May I suggest we drop ATOS forth with, their not very good anyway as the dealings I've had with them, regarding Incapacity Benefits. I'm sure there are better (BRITISH) disabled organisations, who could do far better, by bringing in disabled people to administer Benefit changes properly. Job satisfaction sorted on all fronts.”

By abertawejack Posted: February 08, 2013


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  • swanseajock  |  February 08 2013, 2:34PM

    It's only the French political elite who don't like us, or our politicians. The French public are just like we are electing buffoons in elections having been promised the earth, and then being left with the consequences when the politicians do what they like while in power. They are all the same, whatever country or political leaning they are

  • Neathboy234  |  February 08 2013, 3:16PM

    I think the French are wonderful, well i have to say that i'm married to one. Over the years i have spent quite a lot of time in France. I normally visit at least twice a year, in total over my life time i've spent about 18 months over there. I've met lots of British people living over there as well, i general those who have made an effort to learn French mix in much better. Moving to the subject of François Hollande, I think he and many other EU leaders do not like Cameron. Why because he's like a spoilt child who's more than happy to start throwing toys everywhere if he can't get his own way. If we ever get a vote to leave the EU in 2018 i shall consider voting to leave, for the simple reason that the UK has held the EU back for far too long.

  • cresswell1  |  February 08 2013, 6:44PM

    what an idiot you are neathboy, if you like the french that much go and live there.

  • siarad2  |  February 08 2013, 7:15PM

    I voted for the EEC, an economic not political union & like a lot was lied to during the voting. Why do we want to be ruled by the EU: We beat Spain & France with Wellington & again Napoleon at Waterloo, not forgetting Nelson, we beat the Kaiser, we beat Hitler, we beat Mussolini. It's not we who are scared of warring neighbours but they, let those distrusting nations huddle together for safety we don't need to we're not scared, we win, not forgetting those who helped us of course. Norway & Switzerland who remained in EFTA (take your pick of letter variations) are far richer than we & Iceland slightly more so.

  • Neathboy234  |  February 08 2013, 10:25PM

    Is that the royal we that your using lol

  • bennyhill4  |  February 10 2013, 8:33PM

    cresswell1, i am in a bit of a dilema, because i like the french,and i like the spanish, and i like the americans and the irish. In fact i like most people, so where should i go to live then?

  • immigrant1  |  February 11 2013, 3:28PM

    Just because the president rebuffed him, doesn't mean the French don't like his. Politicians are usually out of touch, and different to ordinary people. ATOS are doing a great job of finding scroungers.

  • abertawejack  |  February 11 2013, 4:02PM

    Thank you for your input guys good bad and ugly, though the consensus looks in favour as to our Gaelic friends rude behavior from across the waves: yet to transgress; I'm a bit miffed at the idea that ATOS does a wonderful job in finding scroungers, (immigrant1) ATOS sole role is to provide Medical assessment for incapacity benefit only, having dealt with them personally I can assure they are not there to find "scroungers" as you are led to believe, simply because a review of Benefits gives Government a platform for change. To date there is 38% of beneficiaries reinstated, which is through DWP not ATOS. Should you wish to confirm what I've stated, check BBC Parliament MP report on this subject. When you are happy to be medically assessed by mid wives/nurses whom are untrained as to your GP consultant standards, all well and good. I'm not nor are the genuine thousands of incapacity recipients: be careful what you wish for.


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