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“I have now lost ALL respect for the Neath Police! My son went from work to pick my daughter up at Neath Train Station and was pulled in by two jobsworth 'officers' for having one headlight dimmer than the other - which he hadn't been aware of! Fined £30 and treated like a criminal - they even read him his rights and asked if he wanted a solicitor present (in the back of their car!)! How can you know until someone has warned you? Driving around a well-lit town it is impossible for the driver to tell! Surely the police should have pointed out the problem and then asked him to pop in with car next day to show he has had the light fixed? For a while I have wondered about why this country is rife with vile crimes now I understand - the police are too busy pulling in decent people who have not even committed a crime, just not noticed a minor defect - it could have happened on his journey to the station - are you supposed to stop and get out of your car every couple of hundred yards to check all your lights are bright or face a fine? My son is a hard-working and upstanding member of the community and this attitude makes me sick. That's it - no faith in the police any more...”

By Surringer Posted: January 28, 2013


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  • pyreneo04  |  January 29 2013, 11:27AM

    Every motorist has a responsibility to ensure that their vehicle is in full working order in accordance with the law. Read the highway code. This brings to mind Jim Carrey's advice when he was playing a lawyer in Liar Liar. When asked for legal advice, he responded, "Stop breaking the law."

  • Surringer  |  February 02 2013, 2:27AM

    A bulb can go at any time when you are driving - the police are supposed to point it out and give you time to get it fixed - and I have had that on good authority! As for reading him his rights and making him feel like a criminal for a bulb which dimmed when he was driving in a well-lit area - these police were acting like my son was a criminal!!! You are the only person to condone this police behaviour and even my MP is concerned and is going to investigate their behaviour for me! You had better hope a bulb never goes on you when you are driving - but if it does - hope you get pulled in and fined and treated like a criminal - see how you like it!

  • skewenboy  |  February 02 2013, 5:27PM

    Tell you what...you're leaning on an open door with me. A few years ago I drove from Skewen to Eastbourne, in Sussex, nearly 500 miles, and on the way home a police car followed me from Neath to my house. I had a stop-light out. They also read me my rights. Unbelievable! Shortly afterwards they did me for a fixed-penalty fine for parking with one wheel on the kerb. This was a place where the road was narrow and the pavement was wide. No obstruction. And further up the road there were cars parked actually ON the pavement. 'Oh, we didn't go up that far.' they said. I live in Clydach, and I don't think we have any police here. Every morning I see people driving with no lights in poor visibility; I have to put up with people speeding past my house, and without proper silencers, making a ridiculous noise. I got onto the so-called 'police' about it and was told 'it's not a priority'. WELL, MAYBE IT SHOULD BE! In Clydach you can park on double yellows: zigzags, junctions. Nothing matters; there's no-one to catch you. Recently I called 101 regarding sheep loose on the road in Ynystawe. This was a real traffic hazard. Guess what? Nobody even bothered to attend. We have a police car parked outside the 'police station' sometimes. That's it. Clydach policing. In your case, they've obviously just picked the easy option.It's what they do. Easier than chasing some youngster in a Subaru with a spoiler and no exhaust, who might give them some aggro!!! As if!!! Here's another thing! I've posted this subject before on this forum. South Wales Transport buses. They take kids to and fro from Clydach to the Comprehensive school at Pontardawe. What I can't understand is, that bearing in mind the seatbelt rules nowadays, how is it that on any day of the week I can see quite young kids travelling on these buses, standing up against the windscreen? Surely this is highly dangerous?? A bus driver told me it is illegal, yet it still goes on. I did report it to the "police", but they didn't respond, so presumably it's okay....but it still looks highly dangerous to me! !

  • wingnut  |  February 03 2013, 9:25AM


  • skewenboy  |  February 03 2013, 4:26PM

    by wingnut Sunday, February 03 2013, 9:25AM "bbb" Is that supposed to mean something?

  • hacker_jack  |  February 04 2013, 12:49PM

    Sure they did. Funny but I've never known of anyone fined and read rights for a minor offence like this unless they attempt to be difficult (I do know a few of those).

  • Towy500  |  February 04 2013, 1:51PM

    Course he did. I love my son, but would never be so blinkered to believe a line like that.

  • skewenboy  |  February 04 2013, 5:24PM

    Well, hacker_jack, believe me. Now you do. Because it happened to me. I pulled up outside my house in Skewen A police car stopped behind me. I was 'asked' to get into their car, which I did. I was not 'difficult'. I was read my rights in their car. I was told to get it fixed, and to provide proof within...I don't know now...a week? Which I did. As I said earlier...they pick on an easy target... You can believe it or not..the fact remains...

  • Surringer  |  February 04 2013, 9:17PM

    Thanks Skewen Boy - and sorry to hear you have had the same problem with the police. My son was very respectful to the police and was still read his rights and made to feel like a criminal. He was shocked and I was livid and just wanted to let people know how pathetic our police can be when more serious 'crimes' get ignored or culprits let off with slap on wrist. My son is 25 has worked long hours since leaving school, has never committed a crime and coaches football at the Sports centres and around the local schools. It just makes my blood boil when decent hard-working people are targeted for ridiculously trivial things (bulbs can go at any time whilst driving and it is not possible to know in well-lit areas unless someone tells you), as you say, they pick easy targets and don't really do their jobs properly or respond to public complaints.

  • Lunkhed  |  February 20 2013, 10:32PM

    There's a stupid little law called the Police and Criminal Evidence Act that encourages the Police to read people their rights when they are breaking the law. Being rather dim witted and unable to make their own minds up, the cops generally comply with this law, otherwise smart-asses get off their convictions.

  • nacita  |  March 28 2013, 7:54AM

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  • A bulb often blows whilst driving and becomes unnoticed whilst in transit. Although the fact was the bulb was dimmer in transit the fault may not have been apparent prior to setting off. Being advised of the faulty bulb and allowed 7 days to replace the bulb and pop it into an MOT station where the issue slip get stamped at a small cost to the driver. I would be rather shocked if the courts would look favourable on the officers decision to not allow this. Replacing the bulb is priority to keep people safe.

  • Surringer  |  May 12 2013, 4:23PM

    Very true RCLEAN - police only cause bad feeling between themselves and the public by over-zealous action like this especially when targetting people who have never put a foot wrong in the eyes of the law - it just makes the police look pathetic. My son would have fixed the bulb himself immediately if he'd just been told as we keep spare bulbs here in the garage for these circumstances and he has a good friend who is a mechanic for any problems he can't do himself. Since this has happened all I seem to see is vehicles driving with one dim light so it must happen quite often.

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