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“Swansea City council started improvements at Cwmdonkin Park in Summer 2012 to tie in with Dylan Thomas's centenary next year. Work was to be completed by late November 2012, according to Scotts the contractors.

The local authority is keen to upgrade existing play equipment
It is looking to improve signage and upgrade water features to make them more visible and welcoming
The council has also identified the need to bring in more seating at the park

To date, the toilets and pavilion/cafe are still unfinished, paths are broken and almost unusable, certainly not suitable for old or disabled people.
The play area has been downsized to one swing (which vibrates!), no slide, a tiny toddlers area, a cumbersome climbing frame and a trampoline cleverly disguised as a rubbish bin/trip hazard. There is piles of mud around the place and no fence to keep animals out and kids in.

The Dylan Shelter is no better than before, (still no seats in it- presumably to stop kids gathering there on weekends) and the water garden looks like a drainage gully. Many old trees and shrubs have been wantonly destroyed and removed during the works, presumably to replaced at the tax payers expense

Mark Russ, the councils Parks Service Manager has stated,"I believe local users and schools were contacted regarding improvements in the park,[that's not true] however, there will be no amendment or addition to the play area however discussions are ongoing following receipt of correspondence on the matter.,"and that "work in the park should be completed by August 2013"

The council can pay artists handsomely to cut trees into shapes of pencils etc but they cannot live up to their promises to improve the park for local people who use the park on a regular basis”

By Dr_Conker Posted: February 25, 2013


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