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“Penlan family blaming DVLA for a mix up in Scotland?

I think the family are out of order because the DVLA wouldn't have made the mix up but they will follow through on the family because they must. The mix up will have been caused on the Scottish side of the border because they will have told the DVLA that it was their registration and the DVLA cannot assume innocence, they must assume the Council provided the correct details.

The family should be taking up their grudge with the Scots who are actually the ones who will be telling the DVLA that the family are wrong and that they are right, the DVLA is ordered to side with the Councils and so, no point complaining about the Swansea workers. They will have to convince the Scottish Council of their mistake, going to the DVLA would not work.

Before shooting your mouth off with blame, learn how the process works first.”

By Philosoraptor Posted: February 08, 2013

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