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Can diabetes be cured? Why 2 ways are failing

By MarkusLee  |  Posted: November 20, 2012

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Can Type 2 diabetes be cured is acommon question asked when people are first diagnosed but there is anextreme problem in South Wales. The blood sugar crisis is actuallygrowing in the United Kingdom and this is scary. The strategy issimply not working in the UK and in most of the United States. Candiabetes be cured? Please understand it cannot be cured by followingthe same plan that England's NHS department has pursued over the last10 years.

Diabetes UK states that the disease maycause a financial crisis in the country

Thenew stats were released in a parliamentary answer to Tory MP ChrisSkidmore. He said: "They are shocking and reveal the true scale ofthe problem to the NHS.

"Thereare a number of causes, but doctors have stated obesity is a hugecontributory factor."

Itis well known that a typical diabetic diet does not reverse or curehigh blood sugar but there is an even bigger problem. The healthstrategy in the United Kingdom has been one of "increasingawareness" of the illness. Officials of the NHS have stated thatmore awareness of the illness is need to stop the growing problem.They state that many are not aware that they have the illness. Theword awareness has been abused when it comes to the disease.

"Awareness"does not help stop the illness and this is something the NHS has notlearn. We are already aware but this is not helping. Can diabetes becured? I can say that more awareness is not going to stop theepidemic.

DiabetesDonations on the increase

Therehas been a 300% increase in diabetes donations over the last 5 yearsin England and the diabetic crisis is still getting worst. Throwingmoney at the illness is not going to work. The World diabetescharities have received over 1 billion dollars over the last 15 yearsand have have no hint of a cure. What happened to all that moneygiven the charities? Can diabetes be cured? I must say that theUnited Kingdom two part strategy of "Awareness and more Charitydonations" have been a complete failure.

*Diabetes has doubled in 40 of the 50 states in the USA*   and many are asking what can help diabetes  see here whatcan help diabetes 

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