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Why not give cyclists some identification?

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: April 29, 2014

I WAS a cyclist myself once, and cycled many hundreds of miles through the streets of London, Berkshire and Swansea.

I tried never to cycle on the pavement, and also adhered to the traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

Nowadays too many cyclists feel they have a God-given right to ignore any requirement to acknowledge a pedestrian.

Be it on a pavement, a zebra crossing and possibly the inside of a supermarket.

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Why not test the water, public opinion, as to requiring a cyclist to display a registration number, as they do on the Continent?

Try this, and see what Swansea, let alone Wales, thinks of cyclists in dark glasses, wearing helmets and using ear plugs.

We put identifying marks of cars, so why not a cycle?

Keith Hedges

via email

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