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The Kingsway 'Central Park' a waste of money? Post readers give £10m plans the thumbs down

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: February 09, 2017



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PLANS for an urban park along The Kingsway in Swansea were given a frosty reception by Evening Post readers.

The council's ambitious redevelopment of the major thoroughfare would see what is being billed as the city's 'Central Park' take its place alongside two lanes of traffic rather than the current four.

The proposed new layout would see the current bus lane removed to allow traffic to travel in both directions on the southern side of the carriageway with work expected to start along the route later this year.

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However, Post readers took to Facebook to show their displeasure at the £10 million plans.

David Estepanian said: "How about concentrating on lowering rates and trying to get some shops open, walking through town and there must be at least 50 shops that are boarded up / closed!"

Many believed that Swansea's High Street should be the focus for redevelopment.

Margaret Davies said: "What about the High Street. Visitors to Swansea first impression is that ghastly sight that was once the beautiful High Street. Please get your priorities right."

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Emma Daniels commented: "We used to have a lovely 'central park' called Castle Gardens! Admit your failures! These aren't new ideas. You're reverting all the roads back to the way they were before some pillock thought up the one-way system."

Philip Wyn Davies added: "Just put grass back in Castle Square worst decision ever to concrete that over."

Many raised concerns about having a park so close to traffic.

Vicky Louise Styles said: "Put a park right next to a road where people are being run over? Idiots."

Jonathan Bancroft said: "From green grass to concrete and back to green grass again..from 2 way road systems to 3 way systems down to 1 way systems and back to 2 way systems again ...from double deckers to single deckers to bendy buses and back to single deckers again ...swansea council are an absolute joke and wasted soooooo much money on poor ideas...get someone in there with some proper ideas on how to reignite the city centre."

And Sandra Davies stated her view in no uncertain times, saying: "Another waste of money by Swansea Council. What services will be cut to fund this daft project?"

But it wasn't all negative comments.

David Hammond said: "I personally think it's a good idea (though I might be the only one judging by the rest of the comments) and a green space would definitely improve that part of town.

"They did a good job with the boulevard coming into Swansea and it's got to be better than the metal fences and sandbags there at the moment.

"As for the boarded up shops, convert them into flats and that would mean less new homes built on green belt land on the outskirts of Swansea."

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  • seagulaf  |  February 11 2017, 9:03AM

    The council have built dual carriageways and closed up rat runs to channel traffic into the Kings way now they want to cut it down to just two lanes, it will be constantly Grid locked! Every time this council messes with the traffic systems in our city they make it worse, go back to the old two way dual carriageway, it worked effectively for years.

    |   6
  • Mike1159  |  February 10 2017, 7:29PM

    Ignore the ********s who are living in a time warp( read the comments it's obvious who they are) Swansea will be transformed into the city we all want over the next few years. We can jettison the ********s off the new tidal lagoon.

    |   -8
  • Miles1912  |  February 10 2017, 7:07PM

    I've read before the council are having trouble with what to do with the old oceana night club as it's riddled with asbestos due to cost which is on the Kingsway. They can't sort 1 building out never mind messing up the central city traffic again.....

  • WallyWilliams  |  February 10 2017, 6:18PM

    Face it. I doesn't matter what the Council do or decide, there will be hordes of people telling them that they are wrong. If they now say that they will leave it as it is there will be letter after letter saying that they should do something.

    |   1
  • roblew  |  February 10 2017, 3:59PM

    A comment from Mike1159, our mayor!

    |   -1
  • Mike1159  |  February 10 2017, 1:23PM

    I think it's an excellent idea, so much better than the ridiculous system that's there now. Combined with the city centre regeneration plans, Swansea will be transformed over the next few years into a city everyone will be proud of. There's always the moaners who resent any change, but ignore them, they are a stuck in a time warp of the good old days and would rather see the city die than change.

    |   -4
  • Lee468  |  February 10 2017, 12:50PM

    Once the Student accommodation goes up on the Mariner Street car park and Oldway house conversion starts that area around the station will be vastly improved. You do wonder when the build will start though.

    |   6
  • swanz2017  |  February 10 2017, 12:36PM

    A better looking place to shop in charity shops to highlight poverty in swansea.Retail parcs win hands down.Whatever you do s.c.c have no idea.

    |   5
  • korgsn  |  February 10 2017, 9:27AM

    Is it convenient that the council are now moving to the Kingsway and this new area which will be really nice is all of a sudden going to be outside their window??

    |   10
  • korgsn  |  February 10 2017, 9:16AM

    Is it convenient that the council are now moving to the Kingsway and this new area which will be really nice is all of a sudden going to be outside their window??

    |   24


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