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Wind Street temporary urinals 'a disgrace to Swansea'

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: October 26, 2011

Richard Lewis

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URINALS in the city's streets are "deplorable" and "pander to the uncivilised yobs", says the man appointed to help improve Swansea.

While condemning the temporary toilets installed around Wind Street city centre tsar Richard Lewis called for the public conveniences to be removed by Monday.

He said: "I think it's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. People need to have some civic pride and be accountable for their actions: if you are too drunk to know where the toilet is, you should not be out. There should also be on the spot fines. We should not be pandering to the uncivilised yobs."

The council-placed facilities, which allow up to four men at a time to urinate standing up with their backs to any passers-by, have been sited near the Cross Keys pub and the La Prensa bar and restaurant at the bottom end of Wind Street.

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The move follows escalating complaints of people urinating in public.

However, they have been not been welcomed by Mr Lewis who questioned the decision to use the urinals.

"To be blunt we are supposed to be a civilised society," he said. "It's deplorable. It's a disgrace to our city. I'm not a prude, but I do not like it, it's obscene. We are meant to have a city we are proud of. Traders do not like it and women find it offensive. They should be gone by Monday."

Mr Lewis, who suggested opening public toilets in the city centre into the night, is not the only critic of the alfresco facilities.

Commenting on the Evening Post's website susiecasper said: "Surely this constitutes a breach of public decency. Just goes to show how far we have sunk as a nation and a city when behaviour such as this becomes acceptable."

And easystreet said: "At least move it somewhere out of public view. Swansea's busiest road and you put it in full view of traffic and cctv cameras. It's so embarrassing, move it."

But kelvinuk said other cities such as London, Manchester and Cardiff had the urinals. Council leader Chris Holley said he thought it was far more decent to see people using an urinal than urinating on the street.

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  • RichardCorso  |  November 05 2011, 9:01PM

    Seems the most wonderful city in the southern hemisphere SYDNEY in Australia has to install portable urinals in the centre of it's city - so Swansea is in good company see the article here: http://tinyurl.com/6j7q9ee

  • Rob007007  |  October 30 2011, 3:20PM

    I completely agree with Richard Lewis regarding this vileness and the obvious examples of gross indecency that go with it. This is another data point on Swansea's inexorable descent into boorish, slovenly and indecent depravity which with the support of its civic leaders includes the demise of what was the beautiful Castle Gardens into a concrete refuge for skateboarding goths, the replacement of the Dragon floral roundabout with a stone slab hosting an unsightly maze of traffic and the nearly derelict St David's shopping monstrosity. Worst of all is the conversion of Wind Street from a respectable banking area into a filthy river of drink-soaked human slime. Richard Lewis is absolutely right but I doubt that there is enough left of what a few decades ago was culture of aspiration, excellence and self-development.

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  • susiqzz  |  October 26 2011, 5:44PM

    Oh, for heaven's sake, they're only having a wee! I'm far more worried about the fights and drugs and misuse of A&E than where they choose to relieve themselves. It's not the most pleasant of sights....but neither is a lot of what you see staggering down Wind St on a Friday night!

  • UpperBank  |  October 26 2011, 5:28PM

    Richard Lewis is a Tsar? Of which dynasty exactly?

  • Lezz_T  |  October 26 2011, 5:23PM

    They only do it in Cardiff on International day to try and prevent drunken Rugby yobs using shop doorways.

  • Dan01  |  October 26 2011, 4:25PM

    I have to agree fully with Richard Lewis on this one. Disgraceful solution to a disgraceful act. People who urinate in the street are committing an illegal act. Hence they must be dealt with in accordance with the law, however cumbersome and costly that may be. If no other solution can be found to the problem then maybe consideration should be given to reducing the number of outlets selling alcohol in the city centre, or charge the pubs and clubs the cost of keeping public conveniences open all night. This is no different to pampering criminals; maybe a sledgehammer should be left out for the smash and grab crook, or a designated area set up for those drunken idiots who want to fight each other at the end of the night. Accommodate every crime and we won't need police at all!! I don't much care what other cities do, least of all the West End in London or Cardiff. Let us have pride in our city and the way we do things. Are these disgusting objects going to be there when youngsters come out of Panto at the Grand so we can tell them "come and have a look to see how you should be behaving in a few years time"?

  • tygertyger1  |  October 26 2011, 3:21PM

    I tend to agree with Cllr Lewis on this in that the urinals are a sad response to the problem but has no-one else noticed the irony? The site of one of these portable urinals is said to be outside the Cross Keys on Princess Way - not 50 yards from a public convenience owned and run by the council, but shut in the evenings!! Surely the solution would be to spend the money which is being spent on renting these urinals on keeping those public toilets open instead? I hate the sight of men (or women for that matter) relieving themselves in the middle of the street but there is NO public toilet open during the evening and as I work in Wind St I know how hard it is to get into a club or pub just to use their facilities - especially for those who have consumed a fair amount of alcohol and are refused entry. Sadly there is then little alternative than to "go in the street" so the answer is not just to take away the urinals it is for the council to provide proper facilities and then there is no excuse.

  • Siloh  |  October 26 2011, 2:42PM

    Richard Lewis and his colleagues display their rightious indignation with those who choose to urinate in public and the need for these temporary toilets. They cannot however have the proverbial 'penny and the bun'. The council takes plenty in business rates from Wind Street but isn't willing to go to the 'inconvenience' of providing the necessary 'conveniences' for the people who provide publicans' profits. Give Council Tax Payers something for their Money Richard. It can't be take, take, take all the time.

  • AwesomeWelles  |  October 26 2011, 2:39PM

    Mr. Lewis is talking out of his toilet end that wouldn't benefit from these urinals. Far from being a disgrace these urinals are a sensible, although not complete, solution to a long standing problem. Ultimately they are preventing widespread human waste running through our streets. I don't think it's totally the case that people who urinate in the streets are just troublemakers with no respect for the law. You have to consider that queues to some of these nightspots have a long wait and often you just have to go. I think it's deplorable that, potentially, honest upstanding citizens can face hefty fines for merely answering the call of nature. If Mr. Lewis has an issue with these urinals may I suggest that next time the council has a flight of fancy like spending millions on widening the roads for a bendy bus, or LED advertising posts that never work or the such like that he proposes instead of wasting millions on such tat that they build a 24-hour public convenience in the area and pay attendants to monitor them. London's West End has had these urinals for nearly 10 years now with little complaint, and that's one of the so called hubs of culture in this country. If our council is so determined for Swansea to be seen as a modern cosmopolitan city, then maybe we people like Mr. Lewis should change their antiquated attitudes and start thinking like modern, cosmopolitan people.

  • PinkyLazarre  |  October 26 2011, 12:53PM

    re: UNDERCURRENTS. True to an extent. At least the ****oirs of Paris or Lyon are a little more enclosed. However, its not always men that are peeing in our lanes and roads on their journey from Wind St to the Kingsway over the weekends. Go past the HSBC or the car park at the rear of the old Mothercare store and you will find plenty of "ladies" squatting behind bins and parked cars. Heavy fines should be imposed or even better then name and shame like they used to do in the paper a few years back.. For heavens sake if they can't hold it in for the ten minute journey from one place to another then they must be incontinent! what's wrong with "going" before you leave the club.