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Welsh MPs pave way for gay marriage

By PaulTurner555  |  Posted: February 06, 2013

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WELSH MPs have helped pave the way for gay marriage after the House of Commons voted to legalise same-sex unions.

Geraint Davies in Swansea West and Sian James in Swansea East both backed the controversial Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, which passed its second reading with a majority of 225.

Gower MP Martin Caton, Nia Griffith in Llanelli, Aberavon’s Hywel Francis, Neath MP Peter Hain and Jonathan Edwards in Carmarthen East and Dinefwr also voted “yes”.

However the historic vote exposed deep divisions within the Conservative Party, with 136 Tory MPs, including Welsh Secretary David Jones, defying their party leader to oppose the move.

Speaking during a five-hour debate, Geraint Davies said it was a “fundamental right of all people to have the opportunities and obligations of marriage, irrespective of whether it is between two people of the same sex or different sexes”.

But he warned MPs that because the legislation would not oblige the Church in Wales and Church of England to marry everyone, it would be “open to legal challenge in Strasbourg”.

After the vote on Tuesday evening, Mr Hain tweeted: “Huge victory for #equalmarriage in Commons tonight[;] nice to be on winning side for equal opportunities and human rights.”

If the Bill becomes law, it will enable same-sex couples to get married in both civil and religious ceremonies, although the latter needs the consent of a religious institution.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, David Cameron said he was proud that love between a same-sex couple would now “count the same” as a heterosexual couple.

He said: “Last night’s vote will be seen not just as making sure there is a proper element of equality, but also helping us to build a stronger and fairer society.

“I thought many of the speeches made last night were very moving, very emotional and I would pay tribute to all those people who have actually made this case, some of them for very many years, saying they want their love to count the same way that a man and a woman’s love for each other counts.

“That is what we have opened now in this country and that is why I’m proud it is this government that has brought it forward.”

MPs were given a free vote on the bill, which means they were not ordered to vote a particular way by party whips.

Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire MP Simon Hart voted against the Bill’s second reading.

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  • Neathboy234  |  February 07 2013, 11:20AM

    I thought religion was all about love, it seems to me it's more about hate. Especially hate for those who are different from the norm, it makes me proud to call myself an atheist. For me the world is my country, the love of nature and science is my religion.

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  • l00king  |  February 07 2013, 11:14AM

    It's interesting to read people talking about foreign religions coming to Britain and turning people away from Christianity. Christianity is a foreign religion introduced forcefully to Wales and Britain. Before that Wales was pagan - a religion that now welcomes gay people and gay marriage. In short, there were gay people in Wales before Christianity came along. That aside, equal marriage actually has nothing to do with religion. The CofE has an exemption, so even if an individual minister wants to hold gay marriage ceremonies they can't. It will be an entirely non-Christian wedding that has no impact on, or influence by, religion.

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  • Neathboy234  |  February 07 2013, 9:12AM

    godisalie i agree with you, there is no god. Sadly some people lead such small lives that they have to believe there is more. For me and you heaven is a place on earth, i enjoy my life to it's fullest, because at the end there will only be a long dark sleep without any dreams

    |   -2
  • godisalie  |  February 07 2013, 12:15AM

    Once again people, THERE IS NO GOD OF ANY KIND. This is what we have, we live and then we die. END OF. Wake up and stop wasting your time/energy on delusion.

    |   2
  • Neathboy234  |  February 06 2013, 10:53PM


  • Neathboy234  |  February 06 2013, 10:52PM

    ladymaise a bit of info for you, not that your going to like it lol In the 2011 Census, 14.1 million people, about a quarter of the entire population (25%) of England and Wales (excluding Scotland), said they had no religion, a rise of 6.4 million since 2001. The British Humanist Association (BHA) had encouraged people to tick the "No religion" box and said the fall was "astounding". It has calculated that Christians could be in a minority by 2018.

    |   2
  • ladymaise  |  February 06 2013, 10:40PM

    Modern Britain was built on Christianity and also helped teach many 3rd world countries Christianity and its religious beliefs for the past 900 years. Many men were killed and blood was shed during the Crusades and was instrumental in making what this country and its Christian values were built on. Well done Cameron You have done more to destroy Christian Britain than the modern muslim/islamic fundementalists have done . We are a laughing stock GOD help us. Christians will soon be the minority in Britain

    |   -5
  • Neathboy234  |  February 06 2013, 8:35PM

    GorsseinonJoe it sounds like your singing from the BNP prayer book. williamwaun your quite right about the hate that religion causes,

    |   -1
  • antyall  |  February 06 2013, 8:25PM

    Marriage for the ordinary person only became available in the last few hundred years,before that ordinary people were termed over the broom. Marriage was for the rich and titled so God has little to do with it. It was seized upon by the church to make extra money and I dont the words used in a wedding service are found in the Bible. Restricting the policy for heterosexuals is wrong and discriminate.

    |   6
  • williamwaun  |  February 06 2013, 7:56PM

    The problem in this World is religion it causes wars and hate rage. I vote in the politicians to run the country. There is no such thing as god. Some of the worst people I know are those who believe in religion. I have a family member who have beat their wife for most of their lives, he goes to mast every week and asks for forgiveness. There are many more people I know who have caused arm to people over their lifetime who now believe in god. Look at the pope and his people, with young children, disgusting and he never apologised. The bible was made up there is no such thing as god. Have any of you seen him?

    |   2