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Welsh Border Collie Blog: A trip to Cornwall

By StevePhillips  |  Posted: August 15, 2013

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I'm a very lucky border collie. If my owners go on holiday I go with them. So I am off on my adventures again. This time though I'm going to Cornwall. It's not the first time I have been, I went as a puppy and we are going to exactly the same place. It's a place deep in a Forest called Deerpark. As you may have guessed there are lots of deer in the forest but you have to get up very early to see them.

We stay in a log cabin in a valley which used to be home to a gunpowder works. Its paradise for me because there are loads and loads of walks in the woods and when I am away from the cabins I can happily go off the lead as its very quiet.

The cabin we stay in is right next to a large pond and whilst the family relax in the hot tub on their balcony I can watch all the wildlife on the pond. There are ducks and geese and very large fish in the pond and they all come to be fed near the cabin.

My owner gets up early when he is here and whilst the rest of the family sleep we go out into the woods to take photographs and see if we can spot some deer. Now I would never chase the deer because unlike the internet sensation Fenton I know I'm not supposed to do things like that. To be honest I don't think I would get near them anyway because the deer here in the Deerpark woods are very shy and we only really glimpse them in trees across the valley or if we are really lucky and quiet we may spook one as we round a corner. But even if we do, the deer sprint and jump away back into the woods.

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Our early morning walks are fantastic here. It's very, very quiet and the sun makes wonderful patterns as its shines through the trees. It's great for my owner and me to spend an hour or two in the woods away from mobile phones and computers and be at peace with the world.

Cornwall is probably the most dog friendly place I have been. There are loads of other dogs with their owners and there seems to be bowls of water outside nearly every shop or cafe. There are also lots of dog friendly restaurants with signs saying they welcome well behaved dogs.

My favourite place in all of Cornwall is Polperro which is a small fishing village about 8 miles from Deerpark. The houses of the village cling to the steep valley sides and there are loads of charming shops and pubs and even a little beach in front of the harbour wall.

We visit other towns such as Looe and drive to Padstow and everywhere is welcoming to dogs. But mostly we stay at Deerpark and enjoy the scenery walks and activities. One night we go out on a bat hunt with the park ranger and the children. The children look through night sights to see the bats swooping over the pond eating insects while I just enjoy being with them.

We are only away for a few days which is nowhere near enough time for me to explore everywhere and I miss out on some beach walks. But my finest moment is the duck race. Everyone staying at Deerpark meets up picks a duck and then they are thrown into the stream which flows through the valley. This is my cue to jump in the stream and collect the ducks. I bring them to the river bank and make sure I give somebody a good soaking as I have a good shake before dropping the duck and diving back in for another one.

If somebody spots me with their duck they usually give chase to get it back but I'm always too fast for them. Then when the race is over I help collect the ducks from the pond ready for the next race. Its great fun and a brilliant way to make friends because I get a fuss from almost everyone.

So if you're dog tired and you need a nice relaxing break get your owner to take you to Cornwall. It's a great place for us dogs!

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