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Wales manager Chris Coleman praised for rescuing elderly woman

By PaulTurner555  |  Posted: March 06, 2013

Chris Coleman

Chris Coleman

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WALES football team manager Chris Coleman has been praised by police for rescuing an elderly woman missing from her home.

Coleman, 42, was driving in the dark when he saw the white-haired pensioner in danger of wandering into passing traffic.

The former Swansea City, Fulham and Crystal Palace defender, stopped his car and gently helped the "vulnerable" woman into his Audi.

The confused woman could not remember where she lived - so Coleman drove her around a town centre hoping she would recognise her home.

But after half an hour touring Haverfordwest, Coleman rang friends in the town asking for help.

They called police who discovered the woman had been reported missing by her family.

Coleman drove to a local college where she was given a cup of tea while police arrived to take her home.

He said: "I noticed the lady at the side of the road - she seemed very disorientated and distressed.

"I asked if she was okay and she said she was lost.

"I got her in the car and we drove around a bit to see if she could remember where she lived but she couldn't.

"I rang my colleagues and asked if they could contact the police.

"When we met with them she had nice cup of tea and thankfully the police were able to return her home safely.

"She had already been reported missing, so I'm just happy I was able to help her."

Coleman was on his way to a meeting with soccer officials in Pembrokeshire when he saw the vulnerable woman.

A Dyfed-Powys Police spokeswoman said: "Dyfed-Powys Police would like to thank Mr Coleman for his assistance with a vulnerable member of the public.

"We fully appreciate he was travelling to an engagement during his busy schedule.

"But he still took time to ensure the safety of someone who was in need of help."

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  • cresswell1  |  March 07 2013, 8:18PM

    he was **** at that, as he is Wales manager, should have called the police

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  • maxmin  |  March 07 2013, 11:56AM

    Twinkles you seem to spectacularly missing the missing the point. Not only has this person not got any 'marks and scars' he was never in any danger of suffering any. Did he do a good thing - of course, just the same as any other normal person would have done. Hardly deserving a headline and all this fawning adulation!

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  • arnoldlane  |  March 07 2013, 9:45AM

    Who decided to call the post just because it was Coleman. Now lets look at this again, what would you do as you are in darkest Haverfordwest and find an elderly lady who is lost and disorientated, Would you do 1 Put her in your car and drive around for half an hour then call someone to call the police. 2 CALL THE POLICE STRAIGHT AWAY, I think the answer every time is No2.

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  • twinkles12  |  March 07 2013, 8:44AM

    Maxmin, this may not appear to be the most life threatening feat by Mr Coleman. If it was my mother or grandmother who was that lady and at risk of hypothermia etc, then to me it's a life saving thing that he did regardless if there was blazing fire involved or not. I'm sure the family of this lady views Mr Coleman as a hero even though he hasn't got the marks and scars to prove what he did was a decent thing, which these days is sadly diminishing.

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  • godisalie  |  March 07 2013, 12:37AM

    The mouth just has to get in again , sickening.

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  • maxmin  |  March 06 2013, 10:30PM

    This is a little bit over the top. When I read the headline I thought this man had rushed into a blazing building ,or dived into mountainous seas, not just asked an old lady if she knew where she was and then get someone else to ring the police!

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  • twinkles12  |  March 06 2013, 4:31PM

    A great deed done and more stories like this required please.

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  • arnoldlane  |  March 06 2013, 3:39PM

    He rang his colleagues and asked " them " to call the police, HE should have called the police right from the minute he found her.

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  • JerryLew  |  March 06 2013, 3:22PM

    arnoldlane - do agree with your first comment, thought second comment was not needed and third comment was just not nice - cant really understand why it has not been removed - lets hope Coleman sees it and takes it forward - slander can be an expensive business.

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  • arnoldlane  |  March 06 2013, 2:21PM

    Got to laugh, his bust schedule et etc, what busy schedule.

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