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Vibrant Electronic Cigarettes are becoming more available

By vapoursvib  |  Posted: November 09, 2012

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It seems that cigarettes are becoming less popular as more andmore newsagents & night venues are joining the "Vaping" craze bystocking Electronic Cigarettes join the 21st century with their growing popularity. Beinglegal indoors it seems that pubs are enjoying the new culture and accepting itwell.


Vibrant Vapours, a Swansea based company have been growingrapidly since their launch and provide many of the Swansea retail outlets andpubs with Disposable Electronic Cigarettes, their latest newsagent in Hendyhave reported a rapidly growing amount of sales due to the cost of them beingonly £4.99, less than a pack of 20 cigarettes for a 25-35 cigarette equivalent.


Richard Filbrandt, Managing Director of Vibrant Vapours E-Liquidadds: "Electronic Cigarettes are a way for smokers to replace their habit withsomething which is healthier than conventional tobacco.  We do not pretend that electronic cigarettesare a "Quit Smoking Aid", they are not! E-Cigs are a recreational nicotinedelivery system providing an alternative to adults currently addicted tonicotine.

It is true that very little data exists which indicate they areunsafe or contain any harmful toxins but Following a recent study on the 4thOctober 2012 which states electronic cigarettes pose no risk to passive users,we have seen sales increase dramatically.


As a substance we know nicotine is of course highly addictive,this is why legislation prevents the sale to under 18's.  But having said that it is not the nicotinethat kills a smoker, the MHRA state in their document MLX364 'Thatnicotine although a very addictive drug is also a very safe drug'


The beauty of a Vibrant Vapours Electronic Cigaretteis it delivers its users nicotine without all the other carcinogens, tar andcarbon monoxide found in a regular cigarette.


As a company we are always interested to hear from Clubs, Pubsand Shops who are interested in buying local and stocking our range"


For more information please visit http://www.vibrant-vapours.co.uk/ or clickhere to see their thisis page. Readily

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