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Travellers want to get on with their lives, Gypsy Council tells site demonstrators in Swansea

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: March 19, 2013

making a stand Residents turn out to protest against the proposed travellers' site in Gorseinon at the weekend.

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TRAVELLERS just want to live quietly with their families and get on with their business, protesters have been told.

The message from the Gypsy Council comes after a weekend demonstration against the possible creation of a site in Gorseinon, which saw more than 1,000 local residents turn out to voice their opposition.


Swansea Council has drawn up a shortlist of five potential sites across the city, which it is obliged to provide, with two of them in Gorseinon.

They are either side of Heol y Mynydd, one on Melin Mynach, and the other on land on the opposite side of the road which is earmarked for a cemetery.

The other sites under consideration are in Swansea Vale, Milford Way in Penderry ward, and the former greyhound racing track in Ystrad Road, Fforestfach.

Last week, hundreds of residents also turned out to express their opposition to the Ystrad Road site being developed into a site.

But the Gypsy Council, which represents gypsies nationwide in all aspects of their need, said residents had nothing to fear over the potential new sites.

Gypsy Council president Hughie Smith said: "People just want to get on with their business and live their lives with the local community, and raise their families. They want to live quietly, and send children to school. And they manage the sites, and keep them in order, such as in Pyle or Neath Port Talbot.

"The problem is there is a lack of sites in Swansea, and the demand is there.

"If you don't create a big enough plot, then you are going to come back to the same problem in a year or so's time.

"But there is nothing to worry about — travellers want to live their lives like everyone else."

Consultation over the proposed sites finishes at the end of March, and residents are urged to have their say.

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  • TruthIsFab  |  August 05 2013, 12:01AM

    I've noticed something very interesting here......... When any pro-traveller supporters completely lose an argument by being completely and utterly incapable of excusing and explaining utterly indefensibly disgusting behaviour from the travelling community? Yeah, out comes disgraceful malicious insinuation tactics and accusations of racism.

    |   274
  • Icarusty2  |  May 30 2013, 10:27PM

    Gypsies always call themselves that, but whenever I come across them or their kids when out shopping (they ask why I am in this country, despite being born in this very city!), and that "this is our land" (?), they always speak with an Irish accent! If I'm not mistaken, Gypsies descended from North India through to Romania.... not Irish.

    |   16
  • Mr_Really  |  March 21 2013, 10:07PM

    Mr_Reality I really think you ought to get someone to read this string of posts and explain what is happening as it's all getting a little embarrassing for you now. Or do you just have a pathological need to have the last word regardless of how pointless, off topic and fatuous it is?

    |   -248
  • Mr_Reality  |  March 21 2013, 3:48PM

    Described by dictionary definition of 'grouping'. "A planned arrangement of people within a group". Yes! It was indeed (evidence available to malicious barrel scrappers and grammar police!) a planned arrangement to collect left over refuge. And yes I do know one of that very group and have known him for many years and he is known to many and has been seen offering his services free of charge (Yet again!) charity bucket collecting at a rather famous local venue!

    |   228
  • Mr_Really  |  March 21 2013, 1:11PM

    Mr_Reality said- "I described the people from the mentally handicapped grouping to be 'fantastic' and mentioned the word 'proud'! They have my greatest respect. Guess what! I even know one!" The "mentally handicapped grouping" and "I even know one". What a sad strange man you really are. You want everyone in a little box or "grouping" (which one are you in I wonder?), use archaic and offensive terms (you must know that it is offensive as you have gone to great lengths to tell us all how informed about everything you are), stretch an argument you have so clearly lost into making personal comment in exclamaition mark (!!!!!!!!) ridden rants, and then accuse others of slander where the only one guilty of that in this exchange is you. You then go on about multiple posts where the individual concerned has (for all to see) attempted to get the posts removed after a gremlin issue. But of course truth and facts matter little to you as you froth at the mouth and hammer away at your poor keyboard. You clearly see the world as as an "us and them" arrangement hence your passion for your little "groupings". In reality there is only "we". When people start thinking of others as less than them it is a very slippy slope indeed. History both ancient and modern teaches us that. I would like to sign off with a short prayer. You don't have to be religious to appreciate it. You might struggle with it Mr_Reality as it is from a little grouping, the Jews. For all who live on earth shall realize we have not come into being to hate or destroy We have come into being to praise, to labour and to love

    |   -1029
  • Lavengro  |  March 20 2013, 9:19PM

    Mr_Reality: "Lavengro stop your moral lecturing" Mr R. I was stating my opinion. Feel free to ignore it, but I am free to hold my own opinion. It's called freedom of speech. Shall we add that to your list of dislikes as well? Mr_Reality: "Why haven't you answered my questions from my last post???????" Urm. Since when did posting personal on a public message board come with the responsibility to answer the rambling, incoherent rants of the ill informed? Two questions for you Mr R. Where does this overriding sense of entitlement you have come from? And what are you really angry about? I don't really need/want an answer Mr R. I think we all know the answer don't we?

    |   -1016
  • Mr_Reality  |  March 20 2013, 7:39PM

    WillEvs! Stop scrapping the barrel! I described the people from the mentally handicapped grouping to be 'fantastic' and mentioned the word 'proud'! They have my greatest respect. Guess what! I even know one! You cannot win the argument and thus now have to resort to personal slander! Disgusting!

    |   1029
  • willEvs  |  March 20 2013, 7:08PM

    Mr_Reality first you are very unplesant about visiting groups of Travellers and correct me if i'm wrong but i actually stopped and talked to the last group that stayed in gorseinon and i believe they were a group of women no men (Tons of Tarmac?). They actually visited the area i was told as the elderly lady had recently become a widow and had stayed here for a long time many years ago so she'd come back with her two daughters and grandchildren the mad thing was she was telling me how wonderfull the local people were and how she had such fond memories of Gorseinon that's why she'd brought her grandchildren to visit for a while. She obveously didn't meet you and i really hope she hasn't seen the current press your not so wonderfull and friendly know. One more thing will you plese not be so derogative when you describe Adults with learning difficulties as the way you did have some respect.

    |   -1030
  • Mr_Reality  |  March 20 2013, 6:57PM

    Lavengro! Your accusations of people being in your words 'ill informed' has not exactly done you any favours now has it? Why? Because there are many people out there more than ready to humiliate you by being 'well informed'! Oh yes and there is even more information from the very people you label 'Ill Informed' to come out if you want Don't you find that hilariously ironic?........ Oh please post again! But please,please,please don't try your previous trick of multiple posting (Spam Style!) in a desperate attempt to hide your personal humiliation. My/other peoples post(s) might be a little harder to find amongst your sea of spam but alas they will still be there and will never go away!!!!!!! P.S Why haven't you answered my questions from my last post??????? What have you got to hide after all you do consider yourself to be 'Informed'?

    |   528
  • Mr_Reality  |  March 20 2013, 4:11PM

    Lavengro stop your moral lecturing! Equality? The Melin Mynach travellers were situated just feet away from a designated council black bag pick up point directly adjacent to Penyrheol Swimming Pool! Did the travellers set a similar/equal example just like the previous visiting fairground people whom have picked up their own rubbish after a Melin Mynach visitation? No they did not! Both the council and Evening Post (Reported it!) is aware that the travellers also dumped tons of left over tarmac and driveway rubble also? Are you aware of that lavengro? If not? Why? It has happened after every visitation of which there has been a few over the years! Unlike the fairground people whom used their own toilets the travellers chose to defecate copious amounts of their own excreta into the Melin Mynach surroundings! Do you excuse that type of traveller behavior lavengro? Are you toilet trained yourself lavengro? Do you expect your own neighbours to wallow in your own personal excreta lavengro? Oh and BTW lavengro!!!!!! There has been a volunteer litter pick on Melin Mynach from a mentally handicapped adult group. Those mentally handicapped adults even cleaned up left over refuge from a previous traveller visitation. I am so proud to say the fantastic adults of that special needs grouping decided to act in a totally 'unequal fashion' than that of previous travelling community individuals! Bang on about equality all you like lavengro the 'Real-World' dwellers (Unlike yourself!) know all about it believe me!

    |   528