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Transgender man, Nadine Williams, cleared of rape and sexual assault.

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: February 09, 2013

A JURY has found a transgender man not guilty of rape and two counts of sexual assault.

Speaking to the Post after the verdict, Nadine Williams said she was relieved the "torment" was over.

Miss Williams, also known as Dean, is a man and was at the time of the alleged rape, but is in the "transition" stage of becoming a woman.

Speaking out after the acquittal, Miss Williams said she felt "relief" the case was over and that she could never have committed crimes as alleged.

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"I didn't do anything that she said. I could never act like that, like she said I did, to another female, being as I am," said Miss Williams.

She praised her family and friends, many of whom sat in the public gallery during the five-day trial at Swansea Crown Court.

"I feel relieved and although it's been horrible for me, if I was on my own, it would have been much worse," said the 39-year-old.

"My family have been through this torment with me," she said.

But she said there was a "lack of knowledge and understanding" about the transgender community.

"That's why I chose to take to the stand, to bring it to the attention of the wider community," she said.

While on the stand, Miss Williams, 39, told the jury she had sex with the woman, who cannot be named, but denied her claims it was not consensual.

Miss Williams said the pair had been out for dinner before she invited the woman back to the Neath house she was staying at.

There, Miss Williams said the pair began kissing before making their way into a bedroom and having sex.

Miss Williams said the pair had drunk two bottles of wine with dinner before stopping to buy three more on the way to the house in Neath, but said both were "lucid" enough to consent.

While the woman claimed Miss Williams had attacked her, Miss Williams told the jury the pair had been flirting throughout dinner.

She told the jury: "She said something about my eyes. She said 'Don't give me those eyes'."

After dinner, Miss Williams said the woman asked her to take her to a house in Neath where Miss Williams was house-sitting.

The pair had been joking about seeing some of Miss Williams's clothes and a bedroom which had been converted into an S&M, (sadomasochism) room, known as The Dungeon.

Miss Williams said the woman had asked to see the room and as soon as they arrived home they kissed in the hallway before sitting down to drink wine together.

Miss Williams said they later went upstairs and began kissing again, before they both undressed themselves and had sex in a bedroom.

Miss Williams, of Dan-y-coed, Tonmawr, said the pair later went downstairs, but returned to the bedroom a second time and began kissing again but an argument broke out between them.

Miss Williams was left with a nosebleed after the woman knocked Miss Williams's nose piercing.

After that the woman left the house.

The woman had claimed she had run from the house in a panic, leaving her top, jeans and some of her underwear in the house.

The woman had also claimed a series of injuries on her body had been caused by Miss Williams's false nails. But Miss Williams maintained when the woman left the address, she had just one scratch on her breast. She said the pair had joked about the injuries being caused by her nails.

Geraint Walters, for Miss Williams, asked her: "Did you carry out any sexual actions when she wasn't agreeing to them?"

Miss Williams replied: "No."

Mr Walters asked: "Did you, for one moment, think she wasn't agreeing to these sexual acts?"

Miss Williams replied: "No."

Geraint Walters, Miss Williams's barrister, had explained to the court his client was transgender and had occasionally dressed as a woman since the age of seven. Miss Williams then said she began publicly dressing as woman two-and-a-half years ago and had started the transition phase after living as a woman for two years.

After the case hit the national headlines, Miss Williams said she hoped it would help people understand the issues facing the transgender community.

During the trial, the jury was told on the night in question, two men had approached Miss Williams and the woman in the pub, asking Miss Williams about how to dress as a man for a fancy dress party.

She told the jury one of the men had then grabbed her breast as she stood outside having a cigarette - but said instances like these forced transgender people to become "thick-skinned".

Miss Williams said: "This is not a circus."

"You don't do it because you want to, you do it because it's something you are, but especially in Wales and in my hometown, you're thick-skinned because you have to be, it's different in cosmopolitan areas," she added.

She said her life had been put on hold while the case had been ongoing.

After her arrest on October 6, Miss Williams said she was remanded for six months in a men's prison but said that while there she worked to try to make the prison trans-friendly.

"I was thinking 'why have I ended up in this position'," said Miss Williams.

She now wants to move on with her life and continue her journey.

"I can now rebuild my family life," said Miss Williams.

"I am cleared and I have been vindicated," she said.

But she said the road for her could still be hard.

"There could be lasting effects to me, my family, my close friends and the whole transgender community. I just hope people will understand and let me get on with my life."

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