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Tired Legs can signal a coming heart attack

By thewholetruth  |  Posted: January 04, 2013

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Tired and heavy legs can be a sign of acoming heart attack. This is one of the most silent warning signsthat are often missed. Heart disease and Diabetes is on the rise inthe United Kingdom and in much of the West. The United States isexperiencing a similar increase in coronary artery disease. Tiredlegs are a sign of serious heart troubles and this can also berelated to other health complications.

What the leg weight means

The leg is a major transporter of bloodthrough out your body, more than 2/3 of the body are your lowerlimbs, when these limbs become heavy and tiresome it is a sign thatthe heart is in trouble. Health researchers have shown that theheaviness in the lower limbs are indications of blocked arteries inthe leg, this can proceed a heart attack or stroke. This is a warningto those who live with this each day. The standard way of checkingthe heart is with an EKG test (electrocardiogram test)

This is a standard test to check thestrength of the heart. The problem with this test is that it does notshow the blocked arteries in the leg. Tired legs are a sign ofnarrowed arteries and clots. The leg circulation is critical to thehealth of your heart.

If you have trouble lifting the weightof your legs up staircase or getting out of bed it indicates aproblem. It is not normal to have heaviness feeling in the legs, itis a warning of artery blockage, many doctors do not check this andit results in thousands of heart attacks each year. It is critical toaddress the problem of weighty legs. High blood sugar has beencausing increasing numbers of people to carry around heaviness in theleg. At all ages your legs should feel light, even in seniorcitizens. The number one heart attack sign is not chest pain butheavy lower limbs. Chest pains are usually apparent after living withtired legs for a long time. If you have heaviness in the lower limbsit may be a sudden coming heart failure please heed the message.  

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