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By TALENTPRO2013  |  Posted: December 12, 2013

Joshua Collins (on the left) and Cameron Meredith (on the right)

Joshua Collins (on the left) and Cameron Meredith (on the right)

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Two young boys from Swansea Joshua Collins aged 14 and Cameron Meredith aged 15 have been offered a chance to scooter in a global music video by Martin Kurina. Swansea's singing pop sensation Martin Kurina has been releasing his own original songs on iTunes for the past 2 years and recently has finished writting and producing his third single "Crazy". The third single is being released in 10 different countires around EU and all over UK in 2014.

The music video will include many dancers, acrobatics, models, bmx'ers and scooter'ers from all around Wales/England, it will also be advertised and promoted in many online websites, music channels online and on TV such as Channel Aka.

Martin Kurina said "My life has changed so much, I love what I do now , I would never change it for the world, I have progressed with my music extremely a lot and I hope to get very known with the next third single especially when it's on TV".

Two young scooter'ers, both aged 13 when they started riding on scooters have progressed extremely since. Cameron Meredith, taught himself riding on a scooter, at he first thought it was a little kids toy didn't think he'd get far with riding scooters untill he seen many videos online of people riding scooters doing tricks which amazed him and got him started in getting involved. However, Joshua Collins got help and got taught how to ride on a scooter by his close friends who were very good at riding with top tricks shown to him which got him influenced to start and progress more with scootering. 

Both of the boys have gained a lot of confidence since they have both started riding on scooters, many people would think it's not a successful activity  or a sport to get involved in untill they see the extreme amazing talent shown by riding on scooters. Riding scooters on ramps, doing all kind of tricks, flips must definetly be a very scary experience, where as for Joshua and Cameron it's nothing at all as the fear of flying in the air with scooters has disapeared. 

During the interview Joshua said "I am now more confident since I have ever been, I love riding on scooters, it's a fun sport same as bmx'ing at first I didn't think I would be riding on scooters but untill I seen the tricks and all of the flips some of the people have done it has definetly made me want to it, I couldnt be any happier and I will also progress, succeed more and train more often to become the best at what I love to do".

Cameron said "I sure do enjoy riding on scooters, since I have started it has made me more a confident person and a rider too. I will never quit this sport as I have progressed very well especially becoming number 1 in a Scooter Riding Competition and entering other competitions. Passionate about riding and myself and Joshua enjoy riding together".

The riders Joshua and Cameron train in many skating/riding places such as Exist in Swansea City Centre and outdoor skating ramps in Cardiff. The more training they both get the more better they will become and more tricks, skills will be gained. The competition between knowing and performing tricks in skating venues is oustandly big as Joshua and Cameron are both very competitive of what they do on a day to day basis.

The scooter'ers are both very excited to be part of Martin Kurina's third single music video as it will be possibly a life changing opportunity to be part of riding out their tricks and flips in the video with other people in it too.

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