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Swansea City's Garry Monk: I want Jonathan de Guzman – and I can help him

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: May 14, 2014

Swansea City playmaker Jonathan de Guzman can become a better player if he stays at the Liberty, reckons manager Garry Monk.

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GARRY Monk has told Jonathan de Guzman he will improve as a player if he stays at Swansea City.

Monk wants to keep de Guzman after his loan deal from Villarreal came to an end, and the Dutchman is keen to stick around having made a home in Wales.

Now Swansea's new manager is pledging to make de Guzman a better all-round midfielder if he returns next season.

"Jono is player I like," Monk said. "He has been very good and he is very settled here.

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"He is a good player, and I just feel he needs someone who can help him to improve.

"I think on the football side of things he is very, very good. But I have spoken to him and I will be open with him, on the defensive side, things need to improve.

"He wants to do that which is good and I think I can help him with that. He's a player that I would like to have."

Swansea are in talks with Villarreal over a fresh deal for de Guzman after his second successful season-long loan stint in Wales.

The 26-year-old still has two years to run on his contract with the La Liga club, and is unclear at this stage whether Swansea will push for another loan or a permanent transfer.

"We will have to see what suits us and that will dictate what we do," Monk added.

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  • KP287  |  May 19 2014, 9:04AM

    Couldn`t be bothered to finish my post, Monk just does that to me...

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  • KP287  |  May 19 2014, 9:02AM

    VocPop, you have highlighted exactly my issues with Monk, my concerns are because of his overinflated self belief too many players will leave and he doesn`t have the experience or ability to build a team. It has been evident when faced with a change in opposition tactics he is out of his depth, and the work experience comment is spot on. In reality this is what his appointment is, it can`t be any other. I also have a feeling that no matter how badly the season starts Monk will be kept in post. wantinting to play football manager will

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  • yankytaff  |  May 16 2014, 1:42PM

    Vocpop apologies I didn't see you S'land post. It seems there are things we agree on, the Rangel public comments were wrong I said so @ the time. Your comment on the board playing manager is interesting after reading HJ'S interview re transfers I was wondering who will decide what player are needed and which we'll buy the manager or the chairman. I agree if it doesn't work with GM sort it sooner rather than later before real damage is done but that doesn't mean as the Heads UP column says today we panic if we lose a few games at the start and lastly I agree upward and onward hopefully next season but as a small club realistically there is only so far we can go, it could take a while before we see another season like 12/13

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  • VocPop  |  May 16 2014, 8:26AM

    We don't disagree. On a personal level I have concerns re Garry engineering what has gone before with his dogma re he always knows best (which is embarrassing given his lack or experience and even more so when he went into print to **** off Sousa for not being able to maintain second halves). I also do not like his lack of respect for what was handed to him on a plate (by a manager who earned those opportunities, built that team and achieved great things for the club). His eye for the main chance, including refusal to accept more experienced help (which may be best for his ambition but possibly not for the club). I particularly disliked the way he publicly accused Rangel of cowardice - to try and dodge personal blame for the Hull defeat. It is not what we have been used to and is low rent and very demotivating. (Laudrup could have picked on Monk for the Liverpool disaster last year but would not do such a thing, instead he apologised profusely and took full responsibility). If monk continues in a similar way I will have no hesitation is voicing my concerns. However I always want our team to win and am always behind them. Monk will get credit if he builds his own team and achieves beyond our last manager(as recently each new manager has, each by building on the success of the previous). His nature to be critical and blame others may make me less willing to overlook his weaknesses. I hope for the sake of our team he is very successful and if not I hope we deal with it quickly as we are a PL club and deserve the best possible manager for our team. He will be rewarded as a PL manager and should be judged as such - no excuses; our team is not a work experience opportunity. I just hope it is not an excuse for the Board to play football manager vicariously through a grateful rookie hired for comfort. Re Sunderland you must have missed this post on the match report article made a few days ago. 3 really nice goals on Sun. Great to finish on the up. Fingers crossed for next season that we can keep our better players. Congrats to everyone concerned for giving us another great season in the PL. 12th is very respectable with a fantastic European Campaign to boot. Our excellent 0 goal difference marks us above those around us. Interesting to see what happens next year. Hopefully onward and upward. Come on you Swans.

    |   5
  • yankytaff  |  May 15 2014, 8:54PM

    VocPop you may have been @ the game but I don't recall any praise from you following the result. Lots of Swans fans have reservations about GM me included, do I wish the club had gone for experience yes but they didn't, do I want GM to succeed yes because the alternative is having to find a new manager after the start of the season which would not be good for the club.

    |   2
  • VocPop  |  May 15 2014, 5:30PM

    Perhaps some were actually at the Sunderland game supporting our team! What objectivity like stating those with reasonable concerns were not fans of our club. Forgetting our club was saved by questioning the board. Probably they were not fans either I could say that those supporting an unqualified and inexperienced manager for our club are Cardiff fans but I have more respect for others to have their own opinions regardless of if I agree with them or not.

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  • yankytaff  |  May 15 2014, 4:18PM

    Amazing how quickly some have posted comments criticising GM for comments he was misquoted on yet were very slow or unable to post anything positive following the Sunderland victory. Had we lost against Sunderland I've no doubt they would have had plenty of negatives things to say and would have do so quickly. No one expects the board, GM or anyone to be beyond question but more objectivity and balance from some wouldn't go amiss

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  • christhejac  |  May 15 2014, 2:12PM

    "All who take the trouble to post here support the CLUB" That's debatable

  • Lynbaz  |  May 15 2014, 11:44AM

    All who take the trouble to post here support the CLUB, not necessarily the manager. Monk will get a certain level of support because he IS the manager but that nowhere near makes him the best man for the job. Quite obviously he isn't as there are dozens out there far better qualified to do the job than he is. Yes, we stayed up but how much of that was due to Monk is open to debate. The acid test will be next season and Monk will have every advantage. He'll have a proper preseason to prepare, near enough a full and fit squad and a normal fixture list not hampered by European games. If we struggle early doors perhaps the board might like to reconsider before it is too late. If we hold our own he will deserve credit for that. We'll see but either way the club comes first.

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  • VocPop  |  May 15 2014, 9:50AM

    Perhaps we would not have a club today if people never questioned the Board. Were those of us who saved our club not Swansea fans either? No one should be beyond question. Is it the Swansea way to sack a manager by email a few hours after shaking hands with him and agreeing he should stay for. Would it be OK if the same happened to Monk? Is it the Swansea way to name and shame loyal players on TV to deflect blame?.............

    |   8