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Swansea City could compete under English flag in Europe if they win Capital One Cup final

By V_Jones  |  Posted: February 18, 2013

Liberty Stadium

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Swansea City will be represented under the English flag in the Europa League if they overcome Bradford at Wembley, Uefa has confirmed.

The governing body said the Swans will not compete using the Welsh flag next to their name in Europe if they triumph over the Bantams in the Capital One Cup final on Sunday.

The Mirror reports that a Uefa spokesman said: "If Swansea win the English domestic cup, they will qualify for UEFA Europa League.

"It would then be for the FA to decide whether they allow Swansea City to take a UEFA Europa League position instead of an English club.

"If the FA accept to give their position to Swansea City, they will have an English flag next to their name."

Sunday's clash will be the Swans' first ever appearance at a major cup final.

The FA said the Swans would qualify for Europe as representatives of the English FA.

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  • peter17776  |  February 24 2013, 7:23PM

    by Brafud-Bantam........AS YOU WERE SAYING....AS4HOLE.......???

  • Jack5y  |  February 19 2013, 2:49PM

    We play in the English league, so i have no problem playing under the Union Jack flag. The Union Jack is a flag of the UK and there are enough of them on show from the Swans fans when The Swans play.

    |   1
  • chelsea1955  |  February 19 2013, 2:01PM

    watchit lrichards there are certain people who come on here with the purpose of getting you shut down as it as happened to me, these people do not like honest comments and most PROUD WELSH people agree with you. WHAT HAPPENED TO FREE SPEECH

  • brochadav  |  February 19 2013, 1:48PM

    leighrichards and this bantam sound like two sides of the same coin. Is it only me that can be proud to be both Welsh and British? No problem for me if we play under St Georges cross. Everyone knows Swansea City are Welsh. PS I've been to Bradford several times, it has some nice areas but for the most part it is a hole. Halifax and Leeds are much nicer, and that's saying something!!

  • Philosoraptor  |  February 19 2013, 9:56AM

    leighrichards, you just spoke like a true welsh neonat. I am a proud welshman, but not a neonat. Please, close your account here and go back to the neonat hive known as WalesOnline, your racist, bitter kind are not welcome around Swansea City FC.

    |   6
  • leighrichards  |  February 18 2013, 11:57PM

    the 'embarressment' one poster speaks of will come from a welsh club like swansea being represented by the flag of st george...the flag of another nation...lets hope there are no st george's cross waving english nationalists like philosoraptor to embarress the swans and the swans support on sunday....tho im sure there wil be plenty of welsh red dragon flags on dispaly on sunday....

  • chelsea1955  |  February 18 2013, 7:19PM

    What goes backwards and makes the noise beep, beep, beep, beep, THE BRADFORD CITY OPEN TOP BUS REVERSING BACK INTO THE GARAGE at 6.00 pm on Sunday (Bantam stop smoking the funny stuff)

    |   1
  • GorsseinonJoe  |  February 18 2013, 6:07PM

    Well said Cyril392, we could play under a North Korean for all I care, the point is Swansea AFC will be playing in Europe if we beat Bradford next Sunday and the flags in the stadium will be Red, Green and White.

    |   10
  • waunarlwydd  |  February 18 2013, 5:38PM

    Bradfud bantum, you are 1 heck of a funny fella. Just read what you said and its cracked me up, side splitting stuff. You should make a career out of your wit and repartee. But now for there serious side :- Dream on !!!!

    |   8
  • pomphrey2005  |  February 18 2013, 5:08PM

    ale must be good in bradford lets hope bradfud-bantam keeps enough back to drown his sorrows on sunday

    |   8