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Supermarket boss Chris Kiley says he's not building the third runway at Heathrow at his Gower home

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: January 21, 2013

Chris Kiley

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A SUPERMARKET boss has hit back at claims he is building "the equivalent of the third runway at Heathrow" at his Gower home.

Chris Kiley, the founder of CK's Supermarkets, rejected the suggestion he was creating a landing strip as "nonsense" on land at his Caswell Bay mansion after removing some of the hedgerows.

The entrepreneur said he had bought the land near the property to allow his 10-year-old daughter to ride her horse there.

But Swansea Council said it had been in touch with Mr Kiley after he removed hedgerows near his property Bay House.

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A local authority spokeswoman said they had served a hedgerow replacement notice and were monitoring the use of the site.

Residents at Bishopston's Pact meeting, held at the community hall in Murton Green, said they understood Mr Kiley had been in touch with the Civil Aviation Authority about the future use of the land. They further claimed that he had told workmen to carry on removing the hedgerows after a stop notice was issued.

But Mr Kiley hit back at the claims and said that the hedgerows which had been cut were not ancient as had been suggested.

He said: "The reason I bought the land is that my daughter is 10 and is into horses.

"I was going to put a track around the field that's my future plan.

"It's hardly the third runway at Heathrow I'm looking to build.

"It's just nonsense — I can't believe it. It's a comedy show."

Mr Kiley added: "The guy who took the hedgerow down is only 48 and he planted them — they are hardly ancient hedgerows."

During the course of the Bishopston Pact meeting, retired chartered accountant Roger Brace, 66, of Kilfield Road, Bishopston, said: "If you want to go horse riding is it essential you get in contact with the Civil Aviation Society?"

Residents claimed Mr Kiley has until February 28 to replant the hedgerow.

At the meeting Councillor Keith Marsh claimed Mr Kiley had told contractors to "ignore" a stop notice on removing the hedgerow and vowed "it's an issue that is not going to go away".

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  • Taweformation  |  January 22 2013, 3:20PM

    knowing what i know he simply runs roughshod over people who stand in his way! He has a plaster for every sore and is a bully. Nothing more Nothing Less. Yes he is successful but people who know, know that if you deal with him you will get burnt.

    |   3
  • deridu  |  January 22 2013, 12:12PM

    obviously Mr Kiley does not know the country code, Many areas have been left to monitor and help wildlife..... He must be a city boy

    |   2
  • Jiffy  |  January 22 2013, 10:35AM

    Great quote from Kiley... "...One issue that continuously plagues Kiley is loutish behaviour - and measures put in place to cut crime nationally seem to him to have had little effect. "Vandalism is the biggest issue for us," he says. "It's quite a prominent problem as there's quite a lot of it about..." http://tinyurl.com/aeuz9qw

    |   2
  • Hope4Swansea  |  January 22 2013, 10:02AM

    The danger of commenting here is being demonstrated particularly well by Dan and Strewth who have chosen to be derisory rather than comment intelligently. The Law is there to be adhered to and you are the people who are lawmakers so get a grip. As for Mr. Kiley being an employer, I do not deny that but if you choose to excercise your collective brains you will realise it that employment for his staff is a bi-product of his desire for profit. As for his stores I have used them; I have no truck with that although I would remind you that this paper has reported on his business being prosecuted for selling out of date food so digest that when you consider contribution. As for your comments about 'the elite' whoever these may be, the vast majority of people living around her are not wealthy as you suggest and irrespective laws are there irrespective of where you live. Are you suggesting henious crimes shouldn't be prosecuted in this area?

    |   4
  • strewth  |  January 21 2013, 10:20PM

    He's got my vote: He employs a lot of people He is a successful businessman.....good for him. We need more like him in the area. The sandstorms will stop if he lands his helicopter in his field instead. It's all down to nimbyism, jealousy and sour grapes. Good luck to him! (And no, I don't know him. I just don't stand in the way of progress!)

    |   -4
  • Dan01  |  January 21 2013, 4:54PM

    Sounds like Hope4Swansea is now going to sit down and wait for every take off and enter them in a little book. Amazing how sad some people's lives are. Learn to relax and enjoy life. Even if he is your neighbour, 28 times a year is once a fortnight on average. Count your lucky stars that he doesn't fly to work every day!

    |   -9
  • Dan01  |  January 21 2013, 3:16PM

    There is much truth in what RochardCorso says. I don't know C Kiley but I know who he is purely because he has been so successful a businesman. Wales is crying out for people like him. The many jobs he creates is far more important than hedgerows whether ancient or not. Poorer Joe Public does not benefit from fancy hedgerows, they are sacred mainly to the so called elite few who can afford to worry about such things. Kiley provides a much needed and valued service to many communiyies, and at prices they can afford. I am not suggesting that he should not have to abide by the law, but the law is indeed often an ass. I reckon that if there was a referendum on this issue put to the population of swansea then Kiley would get some 80% of the votes.

    |   -11
  • antyall  |  January 21 2013, 3:12PM

    Owning land comes with responsibility's,it does not give you the right to develop in a way that disrupts other peoples right to peace and quiet and to be use their land. Disturbing wild life habitats can destroy ecosystems that have grown over the twenty four years,I am sure that his daughter would get far more out of life learning to appreciate nature than having a purpose made tracks for her horse. IF he HAS disturbed a badger set he has committed a crime and I would like to think that the local AM or the Welsh Assembly now get involved. May be he feels that having no hedges and trees on his land will make it safer for him to take off and land as there is less chance of birds flying in his path when he takes off or lands but there must be a law about protecting his neighbours houses and live's after all this is a light aircraft and the winds are unpredictable by cliffs (up draft and all that)Hopefully some one in that area will look into what the ministry/dept dealing with private landing ground have to say.

    |   10
  • Anon300  |  January 21 2013, 2:29PM

    I cut MY grass a few months ago will I be served with a grass replacement order??

    |   -8
  • Hope4Swansea  |  January 21 2013, 2:25PM

    I forgot to add the question as to whether CK had considered the impact on neighbours property values and insurance costs!! as a consequence of him choosing to use his garden as opposed to Fairwood which other pilots in Swansea do. Of course he is only allowed to take of from hios garden 28 times in any one year so maybe it's time to take a count.

    |   4