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South Wales Reporter? Swansea Bay Sentinel? Readers respond to idea of changing the name of South Wales Evening Post

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: April 25, 2013

THE South Wales Evening Post's email inbox and postbag has been bulging with correspondence this week — and the subject has been the South Wales Evening Post.

On Monday the paper carried a feature on a possible name-change for Wales's biggest selling paper — and readers have responded in their droves.

The Post's website — currently www.thisissouthwales.co.uk — is having a major re-design and change of name next month, and the editor, Jonathan Roberts, has launched a debate on whether the paper should change its name too.

He asked readers to get in touch with their views on a possible change — and you have responded in large numbers.

Many people have said they like name and want to keep it, while others have said "yes" to a change — and have put forward some interesting suggestions.

Among the possibilities for a new identity put forward by readers so far are South Wales Reporter, South Wales Daily Post, Liberty Star, Swansea Today, Principality Post, Swansea Bay Post and Swansea Bay Sentinel.

The editor said he was delighted that so many readers had taken the time to get in touch about a possible change — and he encouraged more to do so.

He said: "We continue to produce fantastic daily and weekly newspapers.

"And now there's a focus on delivering not only a comprehensive local news service online, but a website that really is a one-stop shop for everything from services, to news, to entertainment.

"The name of our current site is going to change.

"So now is the perfect time to consider whether the newspaper — the South Wales Evening Post — should change too.

"It may well be that it doesn't, but we thought our readers should have the opportunity to share their views."

Advocates of the change say the name of the paper should move with the times, and better reflect a 21st Century media operation where the internet is an increasingly important part of what it does.

Many papers from Newcastle to Ipswich, Bristol and Portsmouth have already dropped the "Evening" bit of their names as they move to a digital, online future — some have also dropped the name of the area they serve and are now just called The Post or The News.

But advocates of keeping the name South Wales Evening Post say it has more than 80 years of history associated with it and is a strong brand — and it proudly carries the identity of the area it serves.

What would you like to see happen? What would you prefer for Wales's most popular and biggest selling newspaper? Maybe you would prefer things to stay just as they are, and we should continue to be the South Wales Evening Post. It is, after all, your daily newspaper. So we'd love to hear your thoughts on how we should develop as a business — starting with the most important — the name at the top of the page. Send us your views for or against a change, and any suggestions for a new name, by Wednesday, May 1.

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