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Reverse P.A.D. pain and protect yourself from a heart attack

By thewholetruth  |  Posted: January 25, 2013

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The hurt and pain in the legs fromP.A.D. is a very serious warning of damage to the your very owncirculation, many are not aware of what peripheral artery disease isand the very damaging effect it has on the body. A clogged artery isa very dangerous thing, it can cause a sudden heart attack or stroke.It is important to reverse P.A.D., this artery disease effects theleg and is one of the most commonly missed signs of a coming heartattack.

What are some of the symptoms?

Heavy tired legs are one of the classic symptoms of peripheralartery disease, often the legs many seem like they weight a ton. Theheaviness is due to a possibly serious circulation problem. In the same way that clogged arteries affected the heart they also effectthe legs, this is heaviness in the legs. This often precedes acoming heart attack. The only warning is the painful or very heavy legs. Heavy legs are not normal, they signify a problem with thecirculation. The standard heart test the EKG (electrocardiogram) does not detect the blocked arteries in the leg and this is why theillness peripheral artery disease can cause a heart attack withoutchest pains.

Those who are most at risk are smokers and those with highcholesterol levels but the illness can effect anyone. Listen to themessage in your legs, any heaviness or continual tiredness in thelimbs is a sign of circulation obstruction. This blockage is directlyrelated to the health of the heart. To reverse P.A.D. is to lose theleg heaviness from the clogging of the arteries and help your heart.If you experience this leg heaviness it is a very dangerous conditionthat must be addressed quickly.

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