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Lifeguard fished faeces out of Swansea LC pool and carried it dripping across floor - claims mum of two

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: August 08, 2014

The pool at the LC in Swansea.

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A MUM has hit out at the operators of Swansea's main leisure centre after claiming her children's visit to the pool was ruined by floating faeces.

The company running the LC insisted it followed all guidelines in its response to the situation.

Jenny Heavens went to the pool for younger children with her daughters Celyn, aged 3, and Ffion, aged 6.

"Within five minutes of being in there we noticed faeces floating in the water and then sinking to the floor," said Mrs Heavens, of Heol Cae Gurwen, Gwaun-cae-Gurwen. "I notified a lifeguard, who after disappearing for 10 minutes, came back with a net. There were newborn babies, young children and people still swimming in the water.

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"He then spent another 10 minutes trying to fish the faeces out, still nobody aware what's in the water, kids putting their faces in the water and everything. He carried it in the net with the contaminated water dripping across the floor to behind the 'control' area."

Mrs Heavens, who works in Morriston, added: "I dread to think of the contamination in the pool."

She said she had been offered vouchers by LC, but had not yet decided whether to take them up.

Bay Leisure, which runs LC, said: "We have spoken to Jenny and addressed her concerns. Both she and her family are looking forward to a return trip and we are confident they will have a good time as per the majority of our customers. As we explained to her, the issues raised were investigated and we would like to reassure customers that our staff have acted in line with national protocol and health and safety guidelines.

"However, we are always keen to continue our customer service and always take customer comments on board.

"The health and safety of our customers is of paramount importance at the LC and through our relationship with local health inspectors our customers can be reassured that our facility is operating safely."


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  • charioteer17  |  August 09 2014, 8:57AM

    Yeah a giant paddling pool..you can then wallow in your own family's filth but where do you use it in January ..your living room maybe? Well thought out.

  • nekodah69  |  August 09 2014, 12:10AM

    As soon as I was old enough to realise what people do in public swimming pools I never went again. Peeping toms. Verukas. Burning eyes from the chlorine. freezing cold disinfectant. changing in front of strangers. And urine and crusty bits of other people skin and whatever else is attached to them. I would rather buy a giant paddling pool from argos or something than fester in someone's elses filth like so many of you do. Enjoy your visit to the public pool.

  • soapbox0909  |  August 08 2014, 7:04PM

    Nevermind the unfortunate accident by the toddler responsible (which all mums are accustomed to), - why did this mum go to the Press about it? Not willing to accept vouchers, what will she accept? An apology? I guess not!!!!

    |   2
  • charioteer17  |  August 08 2014, 4:59PM

    "and could result in children being too scared to go swimming" Somebody was obviously very scared.

    |   1
  • GCG201  |  August 08 2014, 4:37PM

    At the prices LC2 charge, I would expect better. So basically, what you are all saying is, its perfectly OK for people to deficate in the pool as there is chlorine in the water? But how do you know this isn't an isolated incident, and could have happened numerous times that day. Even if as most of the comments below state that it was perfectly safe due to the chlorine, it is not something people like to see, and could result in children being too scared to go swimming. The lifeguard should have at least notified other swimmers, to give them the option of getting out until the feaces had been removed. But I think this did not happen as they knew that most would have had the same reaction as Mrs heavens, as would I. People pay extortionate fees to swim in these pools to avoid things like this. I am 100% behind Mrs heavens and her actions and totally appalled by the actions and attitude of LC2 and some of the readers comments.

    |   3
  • moggs  |  August 08 2014, 3:45PM

    The woman expressed her concerns,as is her right. I took the example to extremes,and explained that is what I was doing. It is surely never acceptable for a child,or an adult, to defecate in a public swimming pool. Complaining about it,may just help to stop it happening again. I'm really surprised that I have had to explain myself. Nice one, Grwndi.

    |   2
  • Grwndi  |  August 08 2014, 2:42PM

    Talk about going through the motions, eh?!

    |   2
  • TheMatthew  |  August 08 2014, 1:09PM

    @moggs, that's a contemptible thing to say First of all, nobody said it's ok to have faeces in a pool but, excuse the pun, sh*t happens. But using a hypothetical and highly unlikely situation and trying to generalise it to everyday life is a very poor way to argue. It's like asking a vegetarian how they would survive if stranded on a desert island a way of arguing against vegetarianism. How many pools in the UK are laden with swathes of faeces ? How many pools have children in them defecating every five minutes ? The circumstances of why the faeces were there are not mentioned, perhaps someone was ill or had a stomach upset. As you rightly say, you conclusion is ludicrous but it is certainly not logical. The situation was taken care of, it was a rare event and we all know that in reality, the risk to the health of people in the area is no worse or in fact probably less than it would be by visiting some public lavatories. This woman's response was purely emotional and not rational at all.

    |   5
  • shepherd2011  |  August 08 2014, 11:52AM


  • trncjack  |  August 08 2014, 11:11AM

    bazgtr Considering the age of her children ,this was probably in the little splash pool . where the children who use it are probably not even potty trained, but the parents should take more responsibility for them admitted

    |   6