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Police found baby living at Swansea house with drug dealers

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: March 12, 2013

By Ruth Mosalski

Joey John (left) and Danny Thompson

Joey John (left) and Danny Thompson

POLICE who raided the home of a Swansea mum, who was housing drug dealers, found more than 100 used needles in her bedroom.

Jessica Chambers, 24, described as a relapsed heroin addict, was at home with her eight- month-old child when officers made the grim discovery.

She appeared in the dock at Swansea Crown Court alongside Danny Thompson and Joey John.

Police arrived at her house on Pentrechwyth Road, Swansea, after seeing Thompson behaving suspiciously and arresting him. They had seen his Ford Focus parked on the pavement outside Tesco on Oystermouth Road, and as they went towards the car, he sped off towards Mumbles.

Prosecuting barrister James Jenkins told the court: "Obviously, it attracted their attention, it could hardly have failed to do so. He couldn't have done more to make himself obvious to police officers."

Thompson, from Thornham Street, London, was described by officers as looking anxious and hurrying to get away, before he drove off quickly said Mr Jenkins.

He was stopped by police who saw him spit out a mouthful of drugs before he was arrested. They then found cannabis in the car.

Police then searched Chambers's home and found her there with John and her child.

Heroin and cocaine were found in John's pocket along with £250 cash.

The court heard Thompson had arrived in Swansea the day before his arrest, and police suspicion had already been raised because he had failed to pay as he crossed the Severn Bridge and driven off without paying for petrol.

"He could hardly have stuck out more," said Mr Jenkins.

Thompson, 19, had owed money to a London drug dealer after racking up a debt for cannabis and had agreed to come to Swansea to act as a driver, but ended up delivering heroin and cocaine to customers.

John, aged 23, of no fixed address, said he was also indebted to a dealer in London and had come to Swansea with Thompson to work to pay off that debt.

Chambers said she had been a long-standing heroin user and met her co-accused a few days before they were arrested. She allowed the pair to stay at her home and knew they were involved in dealing drugs, the court heard. She said no deals had taken place at the house but knew they were using her house as a base.

"She has been using drugs since she was 17 and she has sadly relapsed and was hoping for heroin for letting these defendants use her home. She has paid quite a heavy price for her involvement in these matters," her barrister Frank Phillips said.

Her child had now been taken into care.

Thompson and John both received three year terms and Chambers was jailed for 18 months.

All three admitted conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.