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PC Richard Davies cleared of assaulting teens he was chasing

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: July 14, 2012

PC Richard Davies

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A POLICE officer has been found not guilty of assaulting two teens during an incident in Morriston.

PC Richard Davies had been accused of punching Ben Rees, and kicking Perry Mills, both in the head, after he and another officer had been pursuing the two 19-year-olds last October.

Swansea Magistrates' Court heard how PC Davies and PC Stephen Edwards had chased after the teens after spotting them on a scooter, with the driver not wearing a helmet.

PC Davies had got out of the police car the two officers had been travelling in along Vicarage Road, and confronted Mr Rees at the junction with Cwm Bath Road.

It was alleged that PC Davies had struck him with a clenched fist, and that after he fell to the ground he had gone to the aid of his colleague, who was with Mr Perry and kicked the latter in the head.

Giving evidence, Mr Perry told the court that after PC Davies had allegedly hit his friend: "I heard a crack, and then I was worrying. I thought, I am going to get badly hurt now."

He then alleged that he was kicked in the head.

"It was like he was taking a penalty kick, it was a hard kick in the side of my head," said Mr Perry.

PC Edwards told the court Mr Mills had been "calm and compliant" as he had knelt beside him on the ground, when PC Davies's "foot made contact with the head of Mr Mr Mills".

"I was shocked but it was not in my opinion like kicking a football.

"But I was very shocked. I have never experienced anything like that with PC Davies."

Former solider and prison officer PC Davies admitted to the court he had struck Mr Rees, but insisted his palm was open and that he had merely been trying to stop him as the teen ran towards him. After subduing him, he said he then went to assist his colleague PC Edwards with Mr Mills.

He intended to use a "knee strike" into the flesh part of Mr Mills's elbow, but "as he was dropping, my knee made contact with his head."

He said it was the first time in seven years as a police officer that he had used a knee strike, and that the incident was more a case of "his head hitting my foot, than my foot hitting his head".

Prosecuting, Kayleigh Simmons questioned why a teen, much slighter than both officers, would run towards a police officer if he were trying to escape capture.

She also questioned why he admitted striking him to stop him if, as in his draft notes, he had written "Both boys stopped".

PC Davies said it should have read "both boys were stopped."

Acquitting the officer, district judge Richard Williams said: "I find him not guilty on each of the counts."


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  • Cwmdu  |  July 17 2012, 8:28PM

    well done PC - People know the law , these could have been well know to the police, Some of these offenders on the streets need a bloody good hiding

    |   -3
  • PJL1967  |  July 17 2012, 2:42PM

    I wonder if he said, "Shut it, your nicked, you slaaag!"..?

    |   -8
  • PaulMumbles  |  July 17 2012, 12:30PM

    my posts keep getting removed as does all others that do not support the police. So much for the EP being fair and allowing us to have an opinion

    |   -8
  • premier123  |  July 17 2012, 12:24PM

    there seems to be a lot of negative comments ,Pc Davies was found not guilty ! as for the story , it was very one sided . i can only speak for myself in saying that not all the police are the same and it would not be a nice place to live without them .maybe if we had all the facts of the case , as the magestrate did. then and only then can we know what went on that night , a picture of the officer in my opinion should not have been put in the paper as it may have reprecusions in his job with people who do not know what 'not guilty' means . courts are not just there to prove somone has done something , thay are there to prove thay have not aswell . if you get accused of something it dosn't always mean you have done it!

    |   -5
  • Pegasus4  |  July 17 2012, 11:32AM

    I would also like to add that this officer was found not guilty of these accusations, I was not present at the court but it must have been a very weak case or lies.

    |   -5
  • Pegasus4  |  July 17 2012, 11:29AM

    More police officers like Pc Davies are needed in these times, too long we have been soft on crimes. Lets get back to the older days when smack heads and the like were too scarred to think about committing crimes. Please take note police managers.....we need/demand more officers like Pc Davies to keep guard over us at night!

    |   -1
  • ROMEY7777  |  July 16 2012, 11:36PM

    It seems to me that we need more officers like PC Davies on our streets - stopping these mindless thugs who think they are above the law and drive around our streets dangerously putting innocent peoples lives at risk! Is it a coincidence that they have exaggerated their side of the story and are planning on putting a claim in against South Wales Police???? Hmmmm, makes you wonder! I bet these boys havent paid a penny in taxes since leaving school, whereas the hard working officers pay thousands in taxes every year. I feel sad that some of the anti-police commentators on here are quick to criticise what is a hard and sometimes dangerous job. I know who I would rather back - well done PC Davies!

    |   -1
  • fred65  |  July 16 2012, 11:06AM

    Well done those policemen and thanks for being in a job protecting the decent people of this city! Dont worry about acts of violence against the idiots in our society! But most of all you thank you for your brave action you could have saved a potential innocent victim from being run down! And the least of your worry's should be the hypocrites that condemn your action if it was one of theirs being knocked down by uninsured morons it would be you they would come crying to! And you can guarantee none of them would have ever be in the situation you found yourselves in!" Well done our boys"

    |   2
  • Laylu  |  July 16 2012, 9:24AM

    From what I have heard about the trial this article fails to mention a fews things. FIRSTLY that the teens had been drinking cans of larger before they started illeagally driving a moped which neither of them had a licence or insurance for. Cans were apparently then also found under the seat. ALSO that the teens were awaiting the outcome of the trial before persuing a claim to sue the police for compensation. AND that the boys went straight to meet up with a group of friends after the incident. Surely if their injuries were as bad as they have claimed or if they were traumatised by what had happened then they would have gone straight to the hospital? Or at least straight home? FINALLY that the boy who attended court to give evidence wasn't even going to turn up on the day and his parents had to be contacted in order to bring him. It seems to me that if these boys had stopped as soon as they were persued then none of this would have happened but apparently they continued to flee the police on their scooter and then on foot. Jobs in which individuals are required to make judgement calls about whether or not to use force are extremely difficult and wide open to criticism. I cannot imagine that they are taken lightly. Everyone would assess a situation differently and I would rather have officers like PC Davies patrolling my streets that intoxicated yobs illeagally and wrecklessly driving around them. Especially when they are looking for financially gain from the consequences of their dangerous, disruptive and illeagal behaviour. Rewarding individuals for being caught doing wrong through the means of compensation is one of the things that seems to be wrong with the society that we now live in.

    |   18
  • TheArrow  |  July 15 2012, 12:17PM

    taff_davies Why is it illegal to carry a pillion passenger?

    |   -6