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New 'neck and nominate' craze sees Welsh drinkers biting heads of animals and other stunts before downing dangerous amounts of alcohol

By Rarken  |  Posted: January 19, 2014

A dangerous new alcohol dare craze is emerging in Wales

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A NEW craze is seeing people in Wales downing dangerous amounts of booze and even biting off the heads of animals.

One video posted on Facebook is said to show a person downing a can of Kestrel lager before picking up a dead chicken.

The man, reported to be a member of Facebook group “Valley Nutters”, then bites the head from the unplucked animal, opens his mouth to show it to the camera, and apparently swallows the skull.

He is then said to fill a pint glass with vodka, three raw eggs and a cigarette he has stubbed out on his tongue.

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There are said to be thousands of so called “neck and nominate” videos on the internet, sometimes known as “neknominate”.

A Facebook group called Valleys Neck and Nominate shows Welsh drinkers doing dares related to alcohol.

In one, a drinker reportedly fills half a pint glass with urine before topping it with lager. He gives the glass to a friend who tries to drink it.

James Varty, acting chief executive of drugs and alcohol charity Kaleidoscope, is reported as saying: “It’s a very concerning game – if it grows in popularity we may well see tragedies.”

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  • mikestarwood  |  January 20 2014, 4:58PM

    TipOff - Unless you're a vegetarian, what's wrong with eating a dead animal's head? Over 90% of the population eat dead animals.

    |   11
  • TipOff  |  January 19 2014, 5:05PM

    If I see anyone doing this to a live or dead animal I'm going to put them in hospital for it and take whatever consequences come my way. Sadly kids of today all want to be famous, and most lack the talent and dedication to do so, but being stupid can give you a few minutes of fame. Pathetic.

    |   -1