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Most NHS staff in Wales say it needs to change

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: May 03, 2013

listening... David Sissling.

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ONLY one in five NHS staff members believe change is well- managed, according to a new report.

However, 90 per cent of workers believe their needs to be change in the organisation.

The figures form part of the first staff satisfaction survey since 2007, which was published by the Welsh Government today.

More than 22,000 members of staff in the NHS in Wales responded —  but that's only 27 per cent of the workforce.

Key points included: only one in 10 members of staff disagreed with the need for change; more than eight in 10 staff say they are happy to go the extra mile at work and more than eight in 10 feel their role makes a difference to patients; and the majority of staff would be happy to recommend the standard of care provided by their organisation.

David Sissling, chief executive of NHS Wales, added: "I want to thank staff who took the time to respond to the survey. It confirms, above all else, the professionalism and commitment of our staff. There are many encouraging findings, but also areas where NHS organisations will have to work to address the issues raised.

"I am looking to all NHS organisations to listen carefully and respond to the key messages in the survey. These will allow us to build on the positives and address areas of concern — for example about stress and workload.

"Perhaps the most important area that NHS organisations need to look at is changing their culture. At the heart of this will be better staff engagement. The best performing organisations are the ones that actively involve and engage all their staff.

"I expect each health board and trust to put in place an action plan to address the specific findings from their organisation."

Following the survey, Welsh Health Minister Mark Drakeford said the staff were the NHS's biggest asset.

He also welcomed the staff's overall need for change.

"Shining through the survey results is the dedication and commitment of staff to go the extra mile in caring for their patients," he said.

"It is also encouraging that the majority of staff recognise that change in their organisation is necessary — it means that those at the coalface recognise that the NHS cannot stand still if it wants to improve.

"However, the finding that only one in five believes change is well-managed shows the NHS has some work to do to involve staff more in decision-making processes."

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  • Zoomer  |  May 03 2013, 5:28PM

    The Government, UK and Welsh, want the NHS to save money. They pass that instruction onto the NHS bosses. They, the bosses, in turn try and sack the workers, or close wards. Many of these bosses earn far more than the UK Prime Minister. The bosses say that they have to be paid such high salaries, otherwise, top managers won't be attracted to the jobs. But somehow, we never see former hospital bosses being appointed to top and highly paid jobs in the private sector.

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  • VISIONSKI  |  May 03 2013, 2:20PM

    Having recently been released from Hospital after a few weeks i had a chance to observe both the clinical excellence and human care of it`s staff. The ward that i spent most of the time was first class. Doctors,Nurses, support staff even the cleaners were very hard working with a sense of humour. When i left to come home i could have given everyone that looked after me a hug because they were simply brilliant. Having had time to talk to other patients and Hospital staff i do have concerns regarding staff levels on different shifts and their responsibilities. It would appear that quite afew staff nurses are on short roll over contracts which i believe is very unfair and could miss out on full benefits that may exist in permanant contracts. This is a practice that was used some years ago by an American Company that i used to work for and does have an affect on staff moral. Change as we know is always going to happen providing all the criteria is fair and accountable. What is happening in the NHS at the moment appears to be fire fighting to meet targets regardless in the interests of patients and their relatives! We have a real shortage of beds because Hospitals are being downgraded or shut which comes down to one thing only, Money! Politicians have simply got to realise that the NHS was founded to serve the interests of everyone! The cost for this service has to come from the tax payer that i understand but lets see it spents entirely on more Doctors,Nurses,Ambulances and less bureaucrats. Also lets see this budget publicised yearly to see that our tax is being spent in the arears mentioned!

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  • handice  |  May 03 2013, 1:00PM

    Bullies in the NHS... I am writing to inform you of the close rank net work of two lead surgical nurses in the Swansea ABMUHB, how lead nurses close ranks on staff nurses who have a grievance of bullying by surgical specialties lead nurses. whos mind set is you watch my back and I will watch yours. One in particular Surgical Head of nursing, who seems to be against staff nurses who care about patients not just paper work, and figures, I WAS a staff nurse who cared about the quality of care for the patients, I have been a staff nurse for 10 years, to be hounded / bullied out of my position, as a caring staff nurse, who cared passionatley about her patients, it took her, three and a half years of intimidation, belittlement and humiliation to get her way. But she has achieved it, this... surgical head of Nursing lead nurse.... will stop at nothing and break the rules, to get what she wants. I feel I have to bring this to public attention, as this is one of the main things wrong with the NHS, and has led to patient care going out the window

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  • abertawejack  |  May 03 2013, 12:40PM

    One word which the NHS needs to take on board with these changes and that is: "ACCOUNTABILITY", which should go from the ward mopper upper, right through to top management. For far too long I keep hearing to this day! " We will learn from our mistakes" yet the same mistakes keep appearing, with no one accountable nor address be implemented. All that the NHS requires is a slimmer and talented managerial system, that instills compassionate hands on, ward administrators in abundance. Not an university graduate with no ward experience whatsoever.

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