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We asked 25 people what one thing they would like to see in the Budget - here's what they said

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: March 18, 2014

  • Chancellor George Osborne who reveals his Budget tomorrow.

  • I’d like the Chancellor to go ahead with plans to increase working tax allowance. I’m self-employed so I hope it will help me. Paul Davies, 67, Brynhyrfryd

  • I’d like the pension increased. My husband and I need more money to live on, I’m having to work to have enough to live on. Sheila Wilson, 63, Skewen

  • Something to help with energy bills. Gas and electric bills are astronomical. Ordinary people need to be given a chance to live properly. Alison Rees, 49, Winch Wen

  • It’s time they put something back instead of taking out. We’ve had enough austerity over the last few years. The people who pay tax deserve something back. Phil Meaden, 54, Mount Pleasant, Swansea

  • I think the government could do more to help get small businesses off the ground. Jonathan Creemer, 37, High Street, Swansea

  • I’d like to see more money go to the NHS. Some people who can’t get certain things. It depends on where you live. Mackenzie Mackie, 22, Aberavon

  • ’d like George Osborne to spend more money on the NHS. When I stayed in hospital to have my child, the food was quite bad. Hospitals should get more money so they can at least have good food. Elisa Griffiths, 31, Swansea Marina

  • Spend more money on roads and transport. They’re falling apart and it isn’t just in Swansea. John Jones, 60, Alexander Road, Swansea

  • Money should go to policing, and we need to be policed better. When people see drunkenness and antisocial behaviour, it puts them off. Darren Lindenburn, 26, Port Tennant

  • More money for the NHS. It’s just important to Wales, and we keep growing, so we need to keep the NHS growing. Tom Hughes, 27, Landore

  • More cuts to the price of food. Don’t cut employment, or nurses and doctors’ hours, and more baby care units. Yvonne Richards, 53, Clase

  • I want the government to put more money into public transport. It’s just insane right now. More would be inclined to use it if it was more efficient. Tyler Parton, 27, Bristol.

  • More police presence in small areas. There’s a lot of nuisance now, and it’s not worth it to call the police. But if the presence was there, it would stop. Robyn Tyler, 23, Port Tennant

  • . DSCN1490.JPGStop persecuting the unemployed and get them real jobs. They’re being bullied and badgered. It’s diabolical. I’m sorry for the kids today, and they’re no different from the kids in my generation. They want real jobs. Kevion Francis, 75, Pembrey

  • It would be good to stop income tax at £10,000 a year, and put higher taxes for people that are earning more. Emma Williams, 34 Townhill, Swansea.

  • Kick-start the young people working, as soon as possible. We need more apprenticeships. I’d rather my grandchildren work than me. We don’t need to be working until we’re 80. They are the future.” Denise Bennett, 60, Aberporth.

  • Get rid of the council tax. And I think they should tax alcohol more.” Victoria Babb, 38, Neath

  • Help the poor, the unemployed, the old, the disabled and infirmed – the people who need it most. People need a living wage., not a minimum wage, but a living wage! Alan Beynon, 72, Sketty

  • They should think about putting more money into keeping people in benefits for at least a year, instead of just three months. Scott Blagden 19, Fforestfach

  • Put more money into apprenticeships and courses. There’s no support for young people, no support for new businesses. They don’t seem to understand how hard it is when you’re trying to start a business.” Tamsin Hixon, 20, Fforestfach

  • Having taken out a private pension, in order to look after ourselves we still have to pay tax. I wouldn’t mind if they did something useful with the tax. but we don’t want to pay tax for those who have never worked.” Joyce Thomas, 59, Birchgrove

  • He should filter some funds into the city centre, make it more attractive, get more people to come here. Wayne Holmes, 37, Swansea

  • He should cut taxes so I don’t have to pay so much – I end up getting my bonuses taxed. He should be investing more money into the NHS. CIMG3910.JPG Jonathan Harris, 22, Swansea

  • Money shouldn’t be going towards roadworks – too much goes to that. He should work on improving the NHS. CIMG3911.JPG David Walters, 41, Llanelli

  • The major concerns are the NHS and education, it’s imperative that they get it back on track. They seem to be culling services and yet increasing council tax. Chris Segieth, 50, Uplands

CHANCELLOR George Osborne is set to unveil his latest budget on Wednesday.

We hit the streets of Swansea to ask people what one thing they would like to see him focus on.

Their responses are with the pictures of the respondees above.

A number of people are calling for help with the cost of living, saying austerity has gone far enough.

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Others call for more money for policing or the NHS, while some think roads should be prioritised for extra spending.

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