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Mount Pleasant man who stole from his mother to fund heroin addiction "will never forgive himself"

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: December 31, 2012

A MAN who stole a computer game from his mother to fund his drug habit told a court he will "never forgive himself".

Michael Morgan admitted theft and two counts of breaching a restraining order, made to stop him contacting his former partner.

Morgan stole a copy of Xbox game Fifa 13 from his mother's house and sold it to Cash@Maxx, in Oxford Street, Swansea.

The game had been bought by Hildegaard Morgan for her grandson, Morgan's nephew, to play when he visited her home.

Swansea Magistrates' Court heard Morgan had been visiting his mother on December 6 but she knew her son had a history of taking items so she kept checking the upstairs rooms. Sharon Anderson, prosecuting, said Mrs Morgan checked the bedroom at 2.30pm but her son then rushed into the city centre. When she next checked she found the disc and box were missing.

She then called the city centre pawnbrokers, who confirmed her son had sold them the game.

In her statement Mrs Morgan told officers: "I am shocked and disgusted that he has stolen from his own family, especially because he is aware how much his nephew loves this game. My grandson has very little and this game was his favourite. He (Morgan) clearly has no care for who he hurts."

Morgan, 34, of Woodlands Terrace, Mount Pleasant, was not allowed to contact Louise Rowe after he was convicted of assaulting her.

But on two occasions, just a day apart, he approached her.

On December 9 she heard someone knock on the door but said she was too frightened to see who it was. Miss Rowe then heard the letterbox being rattled and she tried to peer through frosted glass to see who it was.

She later told police she had suspected it was Morgan but he later shouted at her, confirming his identity.

Miss Rowe said she could hear him kicking the door for "several minutes" before police arrived.

She said his arrival at her home had caused her to suffer a panic attack.

The following day Morgan said he met his former partner by chance in Morriston. He saw and then approached her and tried to arrange a meeting between the pair.

Craig Harding, representing Morgan, said: "He had become very emotional in the run-up to the Christmas period and he felt that the complainant's attitude may have cooled towards him and she may not have wanted the order to continue."

In his police interview Morgan admitted stealing the Xbox game to fund his heroin addiction.

Mr Harding said his client was "ashamed" after stealing from his mother.

"He will never forgive himself for the offence," Mr Harding added.

Magistrates imposed a total sentence of 12 weeks for all three offences.

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