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Millions to be spent on resurfacing Swansea's roads

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: March 05, 2013

Library image of pothole being treated

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SWANSEA is set to see more than £4 million invested in its pothole-plagued roads.

It is part of the council's budget settlement for 2013/14 and will include resurfacing across the city and county.

Swansea Council's cabinet has approved the allocation of £4.28 million towards a range of highway related schemes.

Under the plans, £2.2 million will be spent on carriageway resurfacing across the city.

The investment will target schemes already identified as part of the city's Highway Asset Management Plan 2010 to 2015.

June Burtonshaw, the council's cabinet member for Place, said: "Many of our roads are in need of upgrading and will be improved as part of our Highway Asset Management plan.

"This funding will mean we can continue to target the worst affected roads in our city."

Cabinet has also approved further spending, including £405,000 on bridges and retaining walls, over half a million for renewing pavements and £200,000 on drainage works.

Further money is set to be spent resurfacing cycleways in the city. Cemetery roads will also get a £75,000 share.

Investment will also be directed towards the creation of a new highway recycling centre. The council recycles broken up road materials at a site in Ferryboat Close. The materials are then used in the maintenance of roads in the city.

It is the latest round of improvements announced in Swansea.

On top of that scheme, there are also plans in place to update street lighting in Swansea. The money for the project has come from the Welsh Government's Wales-wide borrowing initiative for councils, which was announced in February 2012. Swansea Council has been approved to borrow more than £10.3 million over a three-year period.

The cabinet has agreed on a plan of how the money will be spent in the area.

And the council has now set out its plans for using the money to fund a range of improvements in the city, which includes replacing the lights and traffic signals and further road resurfacing.

Over the next two years the council is planning to use some of the funds to lower energy bills by replacing many of the city's 27,000 street lights with energy saving lamps.

Mrs Burtonshaw, added: "The street lighting scheme should enable the council to provide modern lighting for communities throughout the city.

"Using energy efficient equipment should also give us the opportunity to save around £400,000 in electricity costs."

Work first began in 2012 when a number of lighting columns were replaced after existing ones were found to be damaged.

The next phase of the scheme began in January.

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  • Julesbreadbox  |  March 05 2013, 3:27PM

    Another abysmal attempt to gain public sympathies. Road repairs didn't work last time round. Most of the pot-holes are back, some are even worse than they were before. This constant lack of planning and coordination of this council is ....certainly something NOT to write home about. Maintenance, fixing roads and dealing with minor cracks before they turn into real problems? Completely unknwon concept IMO. Well, Council, keep up the good work of paying high wages to useless people!

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  • Philosoraptor  |  March 05 2013, 12:24PM
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  • hacker_jack  |  March 05 2013, 12:19PM

    Pretty sure the Highways Authority look after the A470, A465 and possibly A48 as well. They do NOT look after most roads in England, only the arterial roads, same as in Wales.

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  • Jiffy  |  March 05 2013, 12:00PM

    More codswallop from Philosoraptor. Picked at random - Kent has one of the largest road networks in the country. We are responsible for looking after over 5,000 miles of roads and 4,000 miles of pavements. https://http://tinyurl.com/asm7rlk /resurfacing_programme.aspx Highways Agency are only responsible for Motorways and strategic A roads.

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  • Philosoraptor  |  March 05 2013, 10:17AM

    I can't believe that we still have to pay for this through our council taxes, in England most roads are repaired by the Highways Agency. Cross the bridge and suddenly you find everybody still paying the same taxes to fund the Highway Agency but only seeing that money spent on a single Motorway, you then have to pay extra to get the roads fixed. How come we get the bad deal? We should either pay less taxes that contribute towards the Highways Agency or see the Highways Agency take over the maintenance of the A-Roads and majority of B-Roads. Let's not forget that our taxes that go the Highways Agency also paid for what is one of the very, very few two lane Motorways so we lost out on that as well!!

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  • rivergirl  |  March 05 2013, 9:51AM

    It says it all that the Evening Post had to use a library picture to show a pot-hole being filled in. Probably can probably remember what it looks like.

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  • tujags  |  March 05 2013, 9:49AM

    I hope they resurface the roadway into the car park at Underhill Park the potholes puddles have ruined our repainted wall by splashing muck as each car passes (usually driving too fast for a road used by pedestrians & dog walkers). Another point apparently the first part of the road is Highways department the rest Parks dept. regularly the little road sweeper comes in up to the start of the Parks section & drops its brushes cleans that section stops at the same point on its return lifts its brushes & drives out. You might think that as both are part of Swansea Council that Highways & Parks could arrange for the whole road to be swept while the machine is there but NO far to difficult probably a 'Jobsworth' situation so the rubbish left on the Highways part blows onto the freshly cleaned Parks part. DOH!

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  • victor-mildew  |  March 05 2013, 9:47AM

    If some money was spent keeping the drains clear there'd be less standing water on the roads to freeze and cause pot-holes. There are several drains in my street with plants growing in them they've been blocked so long! A stitch in time and all that!

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  • CitizenSpike  |  March 05 2013, 8:33AM

    Yeah, yeah but the question Mrs Burtonshaw needs to answer is why were Swansea's road allowed to get into such a state in the first place. Last time around she said the resurfacing work at Fabian Way would last 20 years. Take a look - it didn't last 10 years. Its always jam tomorrow with this lot.

    |   7