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Michael Laudrup’s future is not on the agenda for Swansea City board

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: February 03, 2014

Swansea City manager Michael Laudrup

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MICHAEL Laudrup’s future is not on the agenda - for the moment at least - in the eyes of Swansea City’s owners.

Rumours have swept the city in the wake of Saturday’s passionless defeat at West Ham United that Laudrup’s position could be under threat.

Swansea are only two points above the Premier League relegation zone having won just one of their last ten top-flight games.

And their performance in a game which had been billed as key by Laudrup was dismal.

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As a result, there has been speculation among fans that the Dane could be relieved of his duties ahead of next weekend’s South Wales derby.

But as things stand, Swansea’s decision-makers are not considering making a change.

The current regime have not sacked a boss since Brian Flynn was shown the door a decade ago.

And though there is disappointment over the way Swansea are performing within the boardroom – and concern about where the club will finish this season - Laudrup’s job is safe for now.

"I haven't heard anything in reference to Michael and neither have we met, or discussed, or done anything about Michael," said Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins.

"A couple of us did actually meet up on Sunday morning to have a cup of coffee like we normally do. That's as simple as it was.

"That's where the first rumour came from.

"It's difficult for me to say anything because there isn't anything to discuss."

Laudrup came close to leaving Swansea last summer and, though his contract runs until 2015, it would be no surprise should he say his farewells come the end of this campaign.

But regardless of what might lie ahead in the summer, Swansea would prefer to get through to the end of 2013-14 without the disruption that comes with a managerial change.

"The bigger picture as always is winning a Premier League match and it so happens this week we are playing Cardiff," added Jenkins.

"Winning the match I can assure you is the most important thing for both teams.

"When you end up losing matches, when everything is so tight at the bottom of the Premier League, you get rumours and you get stories.

"We have had them for many weeks. If we win everything is fine. If we lose it's not."

There has also been some talk that Laudrup might walk away before the end of the season, but that is thought highly unlikely to happen.

The Swansea manager is currently abroad, but will be back on duty on Tuesday when his players begin building up to the Cardiff clash.

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  • trncjack  |  February 03 2014, 6:46PM

    bees , ML signed these Spanish players who as you say have been poor , and if the rest of the team are not doing it ,that must also come down to the manager , the manager is paid to get the best out of his players and that is not happening ,as for competing with the TOP clubs we are not even competing against the bottom clubs, you have only to look at Southampton, palace ,sunderland to see what can happen when clubs employ the right manager for the job using basically the same players, ML has achieved nothing at Swansea , every thing that happened up until the cup last year was down to what had been put in place by BR AND RM

    |   -1
  • beesknees2004  |  February 03 2014, 5:01PM

    I have never seen such absolute rubbish as written by some "so called" supporters. Anyone who calls for the head of the manager at this stage of the season is a total idiot. It's the players who are not doing the job not the manager. If a new manager were to come in now he'd still be stuck with the same squad of players, several of whom seem to have a couldn't care less attitude. Four of the Spanish players bought in have done nothing to improve the playing staff. The defence is very weak and gets caught on the break far to often. We have been hit by injuries and a lot more games thanks to the Europa league, but that does not excuse certain players not giving their all. When we went up to the premiership there were a tiny minority that were in these columns every week saying we were going to take the premiership by storm, that was never going to happen. At best we could hope for possibly mid table but we are always going to be looking over our shoulder, the same as several other more established premier league teams than us. If we can survive in the premier league that is a great result for teams like us. there are a number of fans, albeit a tiny number of fans who would still have people believe we can compete with the top teams, never going to happen! We never have been and never will be a big enough or rich enough club to compete with the top six clubs. We get the odd result now and again but not week in week out. The real fans would love to be up near the top but they realise that is not going to happen but still support the club through thick and thin and accept the good with the bad. Every manager we've had since RM has done a great job including Michael Laudrup. Some of the players though have not lived up to their side of the bargain.

    |   3
  • trncjack  |  February 03 2014, 4:36PM

    out of the country lining up the next job , probably

    |   -2
  • Jackboot  |  February 03 2014, 10:37AM

    HJ time to act he has to go.there are enough games left to save our premier status .Tiendalli and Hernandez have to go .Who gave Pezello the right to roam all over the pitch head down going nowhere .Amat in midfield no way.Laudrup no idea no passion time to go

    |   -6
  • abertawejack  |  February 03 2014, 10:30AM

    Oh heck: Stand by that man, because when the board say," we're behind you" with "NO Worries"! Biff, Bang, Wallop, it's BYE BYE Michael, with a HELLO there Malky Boyo. Wanna Job my son. You'll do us nicely, that other manager didn't appear to want a "Premier League" job, the passion wasn't there in the end......sigh.... Ah well; C'mon u SwansssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssYeehaa.

    |   -2
  • boss1978  |  February 03 2014, 7:22AM

    no plan B, no passion, we are to predictable, everyone knows the way we play.We signed ngog who play for a struggling team in championship.get jimmy hadziabdic here, 18yrs he has coached in middle east, nearly got qatar to 1998 world cup, managed players like jj okocha and batistuta.

    |   1
  • RodHullsEmu  |  February 03 2014, 2:29AM

    Laudrup said he would be here two years and at the end of this season its no mystery, or surprise if he goes. I can count 12/13 players at best who deserve to play for this club who are already here and not all of them play at times. IMO if it were not for michu in the first half of last season we would have been relegated. I will consider it an achievement if we stay up this year. No point in changing managers now, its in nobodies interest we're relegated. We got some key players coming back we only need to win another 3-4 games of football and we'll be safe. People need to keep the faith and not start self imploding. Even if we lost the second derby.

    |   9
  • yankytaff  |  February 02 2014, 11:13PM

    I don't understand why ML didn't play Britts as soon as I saw he was on the bench I had a feeling we'd lose ML made a big mistake the IMO, but the players have to take responsibility as well none of them played well, they were like 11 individuals not a team. Just read an article (Mirror) where Ashleigh Williams is commenting on the performance and calling it embarrassing we know it was embarrassing Ashleigh we were watching we won't you to up your game not tell us how bad you were.

    |   10
  • abs1972  |  February 02 2014, 10:58PM

    Laudrup out of the country just coming off the back of a dismal performance like the west ham game was, like the first halves against Birmingham & Fulham were, just like many performances against many teams for a YEAR have been. The guy was only ever passing through just like a few of his inept signings are, he was sacked before for similar circumstances and should be now before he drags us any further down, going down is not an option as we've built a good platform being ruined by himself and some of his signings, there are worse teams but they may be fighters and a together team something we are not at the moment. Laudrup should be grafting those players every single day until Saturday drumming it in to them how important this game is and how important it is to survive and not be holidaying about on his personal jaunts neither should those passionless bunch of overpaid, overrated players. Shape up or ship out. I'm fed up of people defending him and his tactics as it's not been a month or two it's been a year and that's a year of us spending our money buying season tickets, traveling up, down & across the country to put up with in the main passionless big time Charlie players who take the big wages and praise when they play well but can't accept it when justly criticised. Attitudes and perceptions can be changed so I beg the staff and players of Swansea city to sort it.

    |   5
  • CroJack  |  February 02 2014, 8:51PM

    Only an impressive performance and win against Cardiff will save Laudrup. He simply can not afford to lose the next game, and this is not because of our position in the league table but because this means everything to Swansea fans. Jack Army will be our 12th player, and there will be no more excuses.

    |   6