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Mark Jermin's I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! blog: Sunday, November 25

By V_Jones  |  Posted: November 24, 2012

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SWANSEA stage school owner Mark Jermin has flown to Australia to support best friend Charlie Brooks in the hit show I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

Read Mark's blog here on thisissouthwales as he shares his experiences Down Under.

Sunday, November 25.

"Even after four days here in Australia my body and head are still not quite in sync with the time difference. I suddenly wake up during the night thinking its midday and crave a Sunday dinner!

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"This morning is the usual protocol - meeting at 4.30am and heading to the jungle, this time minus Chris (Nadine’s partner).

We watch the show being transmitted together in a marquee.  There is a consensus that not much "action" happened in today’s episode which you would have seen last night.  Both Roe (Charlie’s mum) and the family of the lovely Linda Robson (who we have struck up a close friendship with) both feel they should have more air time.  

"As the end of the show nears, it’s Limahl who is evicted.  On the journey back to the hotel, we quietly predict who will be booted out next, being careful that no one on the bus overhear.  After all we have to live with these people.

"When we arrive back we are told that the producer would like all family and friends to go out and buy their celebrity two things, which they will deliver into camp. How exciting!

"Item one needs to be something to eat or drink and the other a gift to the value of approximately $15. This causes huge excitement and deliberation. 'Well, if you’re buying cheese and crackers, we may buy those instant coffee sachets'.  You could swear we were debating world peace!

"However we did feel the pressure having to think of what Charlie would really want, need and appreciate in the jungle.  They have not eaten properly for nearly two weeks and as we sit pensively thinking in the marble bar of the hotel, it quickly came to me… chocolate!

"Charlie’s favourite chocolate indulgence is the Swiss chocolate with honey and almond nougat…Toblerone.  ‘Team Brooks’ all agree and with daughter Kiki’s seal of approval, we all confirm this is a good choice.  

"We decide to head in to busy Brisbane.   Challenge Anneka had nothing on us as we made our way to different convenience stores searching for the chocolate.  It was like Charlie and Chocolate Factory looking for a golden ticket! 

"In my head I am thinking we need to purchase those huge over sized bars you can buy in duty free or enjoy at Christmas.  We finally find a shop that sells fairly adequate size bars and then comes brain wave number two - let’s assemble several of the triangle tube of chocolate and bind these together making a sort of mass jigsaw choccy snack into a mega bar! 

"The shopkeeper looks at us puzzled and with his help of red tape, which matches the Toblerone branding, we leave extremely triumphant, if not a little smug, very pleased with ourselves.

"But then comes the issue of the Australian heat... How will we get it back without melting?  Another very bright idea... easy, we simply need to stop off at a few bars and restaurant and enjoy a well deserved drink as they store the chocolate in the freezer.

"I am on a roll today with imaginative ideas pouring out of me!  Roe thinks this is the brightest idea I’ve had yet! I hope Charlie and her camp mates enjoy and appreciate the effort that has gone into getting her prize.

"Secondly, Kiki decides on a lovely heartfelt idea for the second gift -  a memory book, where the person giving this small diary style card can write or draw snapshots of important memories.  Kiki meticulously spends most of the day drawing detailed pictures and writing anecdotes of her and her mummy which only a child can do.  After we read it, we fill up as it innocently shows a daughter’s love to the most special person in her life… her mum!

"Feeling very proud of ourselves, we head back to the hotel where Limahl is by the pool doing a photo shoot and press interview. He is almost unrecognisable in a tailored cream suite and styled to perfection - he acknowledges us.

"The temperature here is soaring and I am sun burnt with a bright red nose, resembling Rudolf the reindeer, which is appropriate with Christmas just around the corner.  We turn in for the evening still keeping our fingers crossed that our girl is kept in there, even if it’s just to enjoy the Toblerone!"

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