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Man who left two children afraid and bruised is jailed for neglect and assault

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: February 02, 2013

A MAN who left two children afraid and bruised has been jailed after admitting abusing them.

Christopher Bevan, 28, admitted grabbing the two boys, aged five and six, by their ears when he was left alone with them in a Swansea home.

The abuse came to light after the youngest boy's teacher noticed "significant bruising" on and around his right ear.

The elder boy then told police he had also been assaulted by Bevan.

Bevan, from Castle Drive, Neath, was named by the youngest boy when he was quizzed by a teaching assistant at his Swansea school.

When he was asked to repeat the accusations to his teacher, he said it was the defendant who had assaulted him.

Police were contacted and the boy was taken to hospital where a doctor confirmed the injuries had not been caused accidentally.

Prosecutor Dean Pullen said photographs were taken of the injuries before he was released from hospital.

The youngest child was video interviewed by police and said Bevan had "twisted" his ear and he said it was still hurting him.

He said he had been bouncing on the bed when Bevan had grabbed him and pulled him from it.

The older child was then interviewed and also said Bevan had pulled him off a bed.

He said the injury was "really hurty" and Bevan was then arrested.

Although he originally denied causing the injury in his police interview, Bevan later admitted one count of assault and two of child neglect.

Bevan had no previous convictions but had a police caution from 2009 after assaulting his mother.

Huw Rees, representing Bevan, said the violence shown by Bevan was not "gratuitous".

"This is not a deliberate or gratuitous piece of violence," said Mr Rees.

He said "no serious injury" had been caused to the children.

Judge Paul Thomas said he had abused a position of trust after being asked to look after the children.

"You deliberately inflicted injury on two boys of five and six who were in no position to defend themselves," he said.

Judge Thomas said it was "clear" the boys were afraid of Bevan.

"What you did was far in excess of what was reasonable," added the judge.

"They were doing no more than children across Swansea will do this evening. To inflict injury on them is something the courts have to take seriously because children need to be protected," he said.

"A previous caution against your mother confirms to me that you're somebody who cannot control their temper and it's about time you learnt how to," added Judge Thomas.

Bevan shook his head as he was told he will be jailed for eight months.

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