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High blood sugar Food lies...what is really in the can?

By thewholetruth  |  Posted: January 13, 2013

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Food for high blood sugar has become avery confusing choice for the millions who suffer from diabetes inthe UK and South Wales. This is due to the mis-information that is received by adiabetic as to what to eat. The diabetes crisis is in full swing andmany people are losing their bodies to the illness. It is critical toknow how to reverse this illness. The high blood sugar food lies havemany people eating and drinking things that they assume will reversethe illness but many are mistaken.

The Growth of Diabetes

Diabetes has become the most dangerousillness in the world today. There are a staggering 300 million peopleliving in the world with high glucose, this is a deadly illness thatcauses many to lose the function of their bodies. High glucose canresult in diabetic blindness and leg amputations. In the UnitedKingdom there has been a 200% increase in the numbers of people whohave had a leg amputated from high glucose in the last 10 years. Thedamaging glucose destroys the cells of the body and can lead to lossof life. In an attempt to reverse the illness many turn to food toreverse the high blood sugar but mis-information has some peopleconsuming dangerous chemicals instead.

Many people are ingesting diet soda asa way to control their sugar intake and lose weight but researchershave shown that diet soda actually causes weight gain not weightloss. Researchers in Maryland showed that diet soda has a chemicalcalled aspartame( a fake sweetener) which causes dangerous reactionsin your cells. The aspartame reacts with the cells and causes yourbody to hold fat. These are things that will cause more problems tothe diabetic. Food for high blood sugar must be based on healing notchemicals. If you have a problem with high glucose it is a veryserious problem; avoid un-natural substances like diet soda.

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