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Hannah Davies's look at it my way column: On caring for a loved-one with dementia

By HannahDavies  |  Posted: February 22, 2013

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Dementia is considered quite a new condition and relatively

little is known about it. The researchers are squirreling away in laboratories

trying to find causes and cures and are looking for funding to make the next

big advance. Meanwhile the media is awash with suggestions for foods to try or

possible lifestyle changes which are yet unproven.

In my mind is the question: Do I take the genetic test to

find out if I'm one of the 1% with the inherited Alzheimer's gene?

Before I decide about the test I'm going to ensure I'm

following the sensible advice. Daily physical exercise to keep the blood

pumping to the brain seems like a sensible thing to do and has a whole range of

general health benefits. Frequent mental stimulation such as crosswords, number

puzzles, learning a new skill also seems a useful way to exercise the brain and

to maintain the neural networks.

There is a school of thought that some Indian communities

have lower incidences of dementia possibly due to their diet being rich in turmeric.

I love full-flavoured food so a diet rich in spices is no hardship. Then

there's the usual plethora of advice for eating fruit and vegetables and

avoiding high cholesterol foods.

So until the scientists can prove their creative solutions

to this disease I'll be eating spiced fresh food, keeping fit and learning new

things. It's not unpleasant to live like this but I'm willing the advance in

science will come sooner rather than later. 

If you would

like to share your experiences of caring email: Write-to-Hannah@hotmail.co.uk

For further

information about the services and support available from the Alzheimer's

Society visit  www.alzheimers.org.uk or call 0300 2221122 

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