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Garry Monk lands Swansea City job on three-year deal

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: May 07, 2014

Garry Monk - the new Swansea City manager

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GARRY Monk has been appointed Swansea City manager on a three-year deal, with Huw Jenkins revealing that the club want to get "back to basics" under their new boss.

Monk has impressed Swansea's owners with his impact since taking the reins after Michael Laudrup was sacked at the beginning of February.

And he has now been rewarded for steering the club to Premier League safety with a long-term deal.

"We are delighted to confirm Garry as our new first-team manager," said Swansea chairman Jenkins.

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"As a board of directors we carefully considered our next step because it was a very important decision for our football club.

"But having gone through that process, we unanimously agreed that the timing was right for Garry to be offered the job on a permanent basis.

"As we look forward to our fourth season in the Premier League, we all agreed that we needed to get back to basics and reinforce the principles that have brought us success in recent years.

"Garry represents all the strong values we hold so dearly as a football club and everyone is looking forward to working with him.

"We have all been impressed with his work-rate and commitment since taking over the reins in February and how he adapted in very difficult circumstances to secure the points we needed to remain in the top flight.

"Garry will work with the current staff to refocus and improve the playing squad over the summer in order to build a strong, competitive team for another big challenge that lies ahead next season."

Monk will be assisted by Pep Clotet, who had stepped up to the first-team coaching staff from his role in the academy following Laudrup's departure.

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  • 2face  |  May 08 2014, 12:19PM

    I actually wanted Monk to continue. I like his playing style. I like his general demeanor. But lately I've seen some indications that he might make the rookie mistake of changing too many players over the summer. I fear it could end in catastrophe. So Monk if you read this (not a chance haha). Be very carefull with the transfers. If you change more than 5 players, you'll have massive problems creating an integrated unit. We all know the team desperately need a right back, a center back, a left wing, a striker and a goal keeper. That's already 5 positions that is gonna change no matter what. So Monk, please make an effort to patch things up with all the players that might wanna leave for non-footballing reasons.

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  • Lynbaz  |  May 08 2014, 11:37AM

    It's pretty obvious from the comments on here (and every other board I've looked at) that the vast majority of supporters do NOT want Monk anywhere near the job. Jenkins and the board have dropped an almighty clanger with this one. Do they really believe that Monk is the BEST option of all those who are available? Do they really believe that we supporters are stupid enough not to recognise their motives in appointing a blatant, grateful, puppet and yes-man? As a lifelong fan, I am disgusted by this decision, and they compounded what will prove to be a horrendous mistake by giving this untried rookie a THREE year contract. Why not a trial one year rolling contract? The arrogance they show in believing they are right is matched only by the arrogance of Monk who believes that he is equipped to take us on in the toughest league in the world without any proper experience of management. The little he has, was distinctly below average witnessed by some awful performances during his brief time in charge. For the first time in years I am DREADING the start of the new season. We will be fighting relegation from the first game and I can see us down by Xmas. Quite frankly, this must be the worst decision Jenkins and the board have ever made and they must be held accountable when it comes crashing down on their heads.

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  • VocPop  |  May 08 2014, 10:39AM

    "Garry kept us up"? Even the Chair of the Supporters Trust has published on his own website that he did not want Garry as the manager and would not have picked him as interim in the first place and thought we would stay up under Laudrup. Laudrup had a 50% more crammed fixture list and massive key injuries, yet was still managing to achieve 96% of the like for like PL points to last season as well as achieving so well in Europe and keeping us in the FA Cup. So was well on track to keep us up even in exceptionally difficult conditions Monk is only achieving at 75% of last years like for like PL points despite having an almost fully fit team and well-spaced matches. As shown on sky sports he has a 25% win rate. Laudrups win rate 40% higher than Monks. The only time we seemed in any real danger of relegation was in our record period without a win under Monk when we were dropping points in games we should have been winning. Despite this he got ½ a million £ bonus (that is more than the average person could hope to save in their whole working life) for a couple of months of the most amazing work experience opportunity. He has certainly benefitted from his orchestrated campaign of dissent, against a manager that gave us our most successful season ever.

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  • VocPop  |  May 08 2014, 10:38AM

    "Monk knows the club inside out" and "Monk won't be using our club as a stepping stone" So does the tea lady – Football management is about quality not quantity. It is about vision and tactical ability. Being too close can obscure your vision and impartiality and perhaps give you a feeling of entitlement beyond your ability. As I said don't confuse lack of options with loyalty. There are very few that would not be off at a better opportunity, especially those that had achieved less. (Laudrup probably an exception, keeping his promise to stay even though his stock was very high.) It was not long ago that Garry's partner made it clear she wanted them to leave Swansea completely. "How do other managers learn?" Not on a PL team when they have not even qualified and their only experience is the under 8s. Fergie had won the European Cup Winners Cup – beat Real Madrid in the final. He was a very experienced manager with many achievements to his name. He certainly was not gifted a PL job as his own personal training opportunity. So it is pretty ridiculous comparison. Martinez appointment was generally met with positively from the fans, despite him not having any managerial experience. This was a very different situation as we were safe in the third tier and Martinez had very clear and innovative ideas to substantially take our club forward and was very effective from the off. Under Monk our style and possession in going rapidly downhill, ironic really. "Garry will do the best for our club." Well he did not even want to consider being number 2 as he said he saw that as a failure. For an unqualified manager without previous experience, perhaps him being number 2 with a more experienced number 1 might have been best for the club if not for his ambition. "Garry is there on merit" Would be easier to believe that if any other candidates who were qualified and had some track record were also seriously considered. As it is it smacks of jobs for the boys. What exact merit beyond knowing the club inside out? We seem to be moving further away from our style and often looking shapeless. Our possession was always high (Villa away 74% for e.g. even higher that ManCity last night) however even that is going now. "Good on Garry Monk's agent being able to obtain a 3 year contract, whether or not the Club are successful, Garry Monk won't be out of pocket." Unbelievable, so we are putting Garry's massive financial gain above concern for our club now. He has already got ½ million bonus for a couple of month's work as well as being well paid for many years including more recently when he rarely played in the PL even under Rodgers. What about Tate, Leon, Angel all true jacks through and through (and the latter 2 a lot more familiar with our PL play).

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  • plumbojumbo  |  May 08 2014, 8:30AM

    HJ and board have gone for the cheapest possible option and you have to question their motives in promoting a puppet manager who will dance to their tune.

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  • yankytaff  |  May 07 2014, 11:08PM

    I would have liked HJ to be a bit more specific on why GM got the job, his back to basic routine made his sound like John Major back in the 90's. KP there is no way the club will let that many players go and Canas, Emnes, N'gog and Vazquez would be no great loss anyway. Many of us who've posted negative remarks about GM and I include myself stated with utter conviction when ML was sacked we would be relegated we were safe with 2 games to go. We have no European campaign next season this will make a big difference. I have reservations about this decision but it's made and all supporters need to support GM and the team, lets wait now and see what happens next season.

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  • Towy500  |  May 07 2014, 9:44PM

    Can't get my head around some of the 'fans' comments on here. Same people who dismissed Martinez as the cheap option, or Rogers as someone who'd failed elsewhere. Whilst welcoming Sousa and Laudrup as they're 'names'. Whilst all were successful (even Sousa gave us our highest league finish for 25 years at the time), the 2 biggest influencers of the Swansea style are certainly Martinez and Rogers. I think we can all agree that HJ and the board have been reasonably successful at appointing managers can't we? By back to basics, all he means is Swansea going back to hard work and being brave, being more than the sum of their parts. Don't think you can argue that we've lost some of that ever since the cup win, which is why the board had to act. Garry Monk had only one task this year; to keep us up. He achieved this with 2 games to go. I for one cannot wait for the new season. So let's see who goes, who signs, let them get a proper pre season in, and see what happens. Garry Monk's Barmy Army. STID

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  • SwanseaSam  |  May 07 2014, 9:12PM

    Decision made. Lets now get behind the team and the manager - whatever our feelings about the appointment!

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  • lordcharles  |  May 07 2014, 8:40PM

    The divide between posters on this site may mean we won't need the SWEP trying to be divisive as it was last summer. I wish GM all the best but just hope he has a Plan B, as he hasn't had one to date!

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  • KP287  |  May 07 2014, 7:43PM

    This isn`t just about Monk, who by his record and tactical ineptitude is clearly out of his depth, the performances have been dire on occasion and Monk has had no impact regarding this. We are at the stage when players will need to be moved on, Monk has stated he wants to make his mark, well then as I see it he will have to move on 6 - 8 players to make his mark on the team. We don`t have a particularly large squad so they and maybe a couple more will need to be brought in. Average players are around £2 million, I belive Bony and Michu and possible Shelvey could move on, so to replace this number of players could cost with wages close to £60 million, do you honestly think even with the money from potential sales that HJ and the board will spend all of the PL money in one year rebuilding the club. Or maybe getting back to basics is doing everything on the cheap, championship players or lower league UK/Europe. I personally believe as a result the following players will move on: Bony, Shelvey, Michu, Flores, Hernandez, Pozuelo, Amat, Canas, Rangel, DeGuzman (on loan), Vasquez (on loan), Emnes (on loan) and NGog. This is a huge decision made not just taking a big gamble on an inexperienced Monk, but they would have to commit to the funding required to help him make his mark and replace players especially loan ones who will move on... Looking logically at all aspects of this decision, it is by no means a shrewd move.

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