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FittaMamma’s Top Ten Tips for a FittaFestive Season

By Angharad23  |  Posted: December 04, 2013

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Just because you're pregnant don't feel daunted by

Christmas!  Pregnancy fitness specialists

FittaMamma share their top ten tips to enjoy a healthy, active festive season:-


Strictly speaking browsing around the shops

buying presents doesn't count as cardio-exercise but nevertheless you'll be on your feet and walking. 

Wear something to support the weight of your bump and your shopping day

will last longer.  FittaMamma maternity

leggings hold your bump securely and comfortably and look great teamed with

a jumper, a long top or a dress.



With alcohol off limits you can still enjoy a

glass of something refreshing and sparkly. 

Mix up a batch of Ginger

and Lime Sparkler which not only tastes good, sparkles almost like

champagne and can help with pregnancy nausea as well.



Stay hydrated. 

Christmas is tiring, you get out of your normal routines and it's easy

to forget your usual bottle of water. 



Turkey is a good low fat, high protein food and

is also a useful source of iron, zinc and potassium.  A 5oz serving provides almost half the recommended

daily intake of folic acid. Make sure it's cooked all the way through and

stored carefully in the fridge for Boxing Day.



Avoid shop

bought pates (they can contain listeria) and say no to soft unpasteurised,

blue-veined or mould-ripened cheeses. 

Hard cheeses such as cheddar or processed cheeses are fine and full of

essential calcium. Don't miss out on Christmas pudding – all that dried fruit

is good for you and the amount of alcohol left in an individual portion after

cooking is unlikely to be harmful.



If you can't fit in your usual exercise regime

don't forget that walking is good for you too! 

Whilst an hour in the gym might be difficult if you're entertaining the

in-laws a good bracing walk is a sociable way to maintain your cardio.



Use your fit-ball

to sit on whilst you're watching the Christmas movies – you can strengthen your

core and work your abs without even noticing it!   Circling your hips on the ball can help

alleviate back ache whilst leaning across it give you a lovely relaxing back




Team a FittaMamma

top with a chunky necklace and a smart jacket and you'll have all the

benefit of supporting bump, back and boobs without sacrificing style.  Whilst FittaWear is perfect workout wear,

don't keep all that lovely comfortable support just for exercise – it will look

good as part of your everyday wardrobe and supporting your bump will make you

feel less tired.



Find time to stretch out with some yoga

poses.  Ten minutes of yoga can do much

to make you feel more relaxed and energised. 

If you've eaten too much and are suffering from heartburn  sitting in 'Easy Pose'  can help by lengthening your  spine and opening up the space in your

diaphragm.  Simply sit on the floor,

cross your legs with feet beneath your knees, lengthen your spine and sit up

tall.  Relax your shoulders, inhale

deeply into your belly and press your chest forwards.



Enjoy!  Make

the most of being pregnant and accept offers of help - let other people carry

the shopping and do the cooking!  Eat

well, try and fit in some exercise, keep your bump supported and find time to

put your feet up too!

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