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Ex-teacher from Neath denies he made indecent images of children

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: November 15, 2012

Swansea Crown Court

A FORMER primary school teacher has told a jury he did not make indecent images of children.

Simon Williams, 45, is alleged to have made 112 indecent images of children.

Williams, who was previously employed as year six teacher, rugby and football coach and an IT co-ordinator at Gendros Primary School, is on trial at Swansea Crown Court.

He admitted he had seen pop-up adverts for pornography — including images of children — while he had been looking at adult sites, but said he had never clicked on the links advertised or viewed the websites knowingly.

Williams admitted he had accessed adult porn sites on a "regular basis" and said adverts for indecent images of children had appeared.

"I can't remember exactly what came on the screen but if one came onto the screen and I thought 'I don't want that there", I closed it," he told his barrister, Tim Evans.

He said he was full of "shock" and "horror" when he was arrested in January 2011, after being pulled out of teaching his class.

Prosecution barrister, Jim Davis, said: "You were employed as a primary school teacher. The first time that happens to you and a child porn picture or site pops up, you must have released the gravity of the situation. Didn't you?"

"Yes," he replied.

"You realised what the circumstances of that would be if anybody found out about that?" asked Mr Davis.

"Yes, that's why I got it off the screen as soon as possible and deleted the internet history because it isn't what I looked for or what I wanted on the screen so that's what I did to get rid of it," said Williams.

Mr Evans took Williams through the internet history from two dates when indecent images were found on a computer at his then home in Bryncoch.

Images were found on November 10, 2011, and again in January.

On January 3, the first indecent images were stored at 1.09pm.

Williams said the first website accessed which contained indecent images, "Virgin Beaches", was not accessed by him.

Mr Evans asked: "There plainly were websites which have child indecent images on. On January 3, whoever, if anybody, went on these websites, was that you?"

"No," replied Williams.

Williams, of Bracken Road, Neath, said he had accessed the computer earlier in the day at 10am. Mr Evans asked if him if he had logged off the computer after his first use on January 3. Williams said he had simply switched the monitor off, but left the computer on.

The jury had already been told Williams and his wife used one computer, and their son another. Four indecent images were found on their son's computer which had been brought up by a YouTube link.

He then asked Williams if he had kept a close eye on what sites his son was accessing. "Were you aware at any stage they were present on either of the two computers any child indecent images, at all?" "No," replied Williams.

"Did you go looking for any of them?"

Again, he replied "no".

He denies 13 counts of making indecent images of children.

The trial continues.

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