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EDC fuel card provides solution for international fleet trippers!

By tombolton  |  Posted: January 29, 2013

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world has become much smaller in recent years. The days when Europe was a

distant destination are far behind us, and increasingly fleet drivers are

finding that they need to travel across international borders in order to

complete their jobs and deliveries. One of the best things about fleet driving

in the UK is that fuel cards can be used to decrease

expenses and streamline processes for both professional drivers and their

managers, but what about those who need to head to mainland Europe for their

deliveries? Well, EDC fuel cards may well provide the solution that such

individuals are looking for...


most respects, EDC fuel cards are largely similar to their domestic cousins.

Just like with regular petrol and diesel fuel cards, EDC fuel cards provide

fleet drivers and managers with a host of benefits designed to make their lives

easier and save the company money on fuel expenses. EDC fuel card customers can

enjoy competitive wholesale fuel prices and expedient digital VAT reclaiming,

helping them to save money over credit cards or other pay-and-reclaim payment

solutions. Detailed fuel management data allows EDC fuel card customers to

organise their fleets and further reduce fuel consumption, while all fuel cards

will naturally result in a reduction in fleet driver dead management. Fuel

cards like the EDC fuel card are far more secure than other fuel payment

solutions too, as customers can protect their cards with pin numbers, register

them to the number plates of particular vehicles and even restrict them to

specific fuel payment options.


far, so familiar, you're probably thinking. However, while the EDC fuel card

possesses the same attributes as other fuel cards on the market, it sets itself

apart from its rivals thanks to its remarkable usability. We've already talked

about how globalisation is making the world smaller. Well, these days,

companies here in the UK need to trade overseas if they're going to achieve

widespread success and acclaim, and more often than not, this process begins in

Europe. Countless UK-based companies deliver to customers, clients or other

businesses in mainland Europe – it's one of the only ways to pursue corporate

success in the 21st century. Fleets operating in Europe shouldn't

have to revert to pay-and-reclaim fuel payment solutions just because their

overseas however, and this is an inequality that EDC fuel cards are beginning

to address.


you need to operate a fleet both domestically in the UK and overseas in Europe,

you'll want a fuel card that works just as conveniently in both territories –

that's where the EDC fuel card comes in. EDC fuel cards are valid at sites in

19 European countries, allowing customers to refuel wherever their European

delivery routes take them. All major trucking destinations are catered for by

the EDC fuel card, including popular countries like Ireland, France, Germany,

Spain, Portugal, Italy and Sweden. If your deliveries are taking you far afield

this year, EDC fuel cards will facilitate your diesel purchases across

continental Europe.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that because EDC fuel

cards cater for so many countries filling stations will be few and far between

either. The EDC fuel card allows customers to refuel from more than 3,000 sites

across the UK and Europe – more than enough to cater for even the thirstiest

fleets. EDC fuel cards even make reclaiming VAT in Europe a doddle – that's a

benefit that fleet managers will certainly relish putting to good use! Last but

not least, the EDC fuel card provides further international convenience by

allowing customers to pay invoices online using hassle-free E-billing.

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