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Diabetes, What to do about it

By MarkusLee  |  Posted: December 18, 2012

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Diabetes? What to do about it is a veryimportant question and how you deal with this question

can be the different between livingwithout the illness or not. Type diabetics in South Wales have a veryserious problem on their hands, this is a deadly illness that takemuch of the body. The reason for this is because of how high bloodsugar effects cells. If you have Diabetes, what to do about is aquestion that should start you on the road to reversing the illness.

NHS says South Wales as a high bloodsugar crisis

High blood sugar is basically a poisonto the cells of your body, the longer you allow high blood sugar tosit in the bloodstream the more you risk losing your eyesight, legsand fingers. Glucose is necessary for the cells of the body but whenlevels are allowed to remain high it does horrible things to theorgans. The Glucose becomes a poison to the organs of the body. Therehas been an increasing number of diabetic amputations in South Walesaccording to the NHS, this is due to the glucose damaging the cellsof the legs or foot. A cut on the foot can lead to diabetic ulcersand then amputation. What to do about diabetes should start you onthe road to reversing the illness not living with it.

A pro active approach

The best approach with this illness isto hit it back as hard as possible. Did you know that over 80% of allhigh blood sugar cases were the result of lifestyle choices? Thismeans that as serious and deadly as this illness is you can dosomething about it. First thing, start walking each day. Studies showthat walking as little as 10 minutes a days causes the insulin toimproves and the body to dump the excess poison glucose. Do notbecome one of the many victims of the illness, you have the abilityto fight back and save your body. Diabetes? What to do? You must hitit back hard.

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