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Consultation on council tax benefit in Neath Port Talbot

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: December 28, 2012

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NEATH Port Talbot residents are being asked for their views in preparation for major changes to the council tax benefits system.

The Westminster Government is devolving responsibility for council tax benefit from the Department of Work & Pensions to the Welsh Government and local authorities.

The Welsh Government has drawn up a scheme for councils across Wales to adopt, with number of factors to be determined at a local level.

However as a result of a reduction in the funding being provided councils must also make savings of around 10 per cent on previous years.

The changes mean that there will no longer be full council tax benefit awards in the future, and residents will have to fund any difference from their own pockets. The new system requires all councils to develop a council tax support scheme to be implemented from the beginning of the new financial year in April 2013.

As part of this process Neath Port Talbot Council is consulting on those elements which can be decided upon locally.

The issues addressed in the consultation include the back-dating of claims and the effect of war pensions on the level of claims.

Council leader Ali Thomas said: "I would urge benefits recipients, and the many groups that work to support them, to take part in this consultation."

The document is available from One Stop Shops in Neath, Pontardawe and Port Talbot, or http://neath-porttalbot-consult. limehouse.co.uk/public/ fcs/council_tax/council_tax

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  • blacksmith  |  December 29 2012, 6:34PM

    retepseer,It may not be your or council doing But it is a consquence of your parties irresponsible actions whilst in government that has put our country into this terrible mess labour cannot be trusted ever again to run our countries affairs, and your party has not apologized to the people for putting them through this hardship. ps. whilst the poor has to pay for blair & browns mistakes they are raking in millions for themselves hypocrites

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  • nice_nails  |  December 29 2012, 1:02PM

    Bedsits for everyone, if you only need one bed the government expects you to live in a bedsit, one bedroom flats are few and far between and housing benefits have been reduced to prevent single people living in 2 bed accommodation. Labour got us in this mess and it feel's like the con-dem are punishing people for voting for them, the real sad part is that there are no political parties left they've all craped on us now

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  • retepseer  |  December 29 2012, 12:45PM

    Watchdog12360, I can understand your anger and resentment. This is not the Council's fault but this is legislation brought in by this Con-Dem Government. I urge you to take part in the consultation and make your feelings felt. This is not what I want for my constituents and I have been warning about these Welfare Reforms for some time. Do not blame your councillors or Councils for this - they are complying with national government legislation.

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  • watchdog12360  |  December 29 2012, 11:25AM

    NPT Watchdog Disgraceful, I am already affected by the Housing Benefit bedroom tax because I have two teenage boys and live in a three bedroom dwelling (I am expected to move from my home after 4yrs and tell my teenage boys they will need to share a bedroom) - even though I am also disabled my small family is being made financially responsible for the greedy, risk taking officials and bungling elected idiots. Now ordinary decent families with children are being asked to sacrifice even more - I am are being treated like my family is guilty of a financial crime? The crazy thing is that this measure will make my family and lots more families homeless and unfortunately this will cost the councils more than leaving the benefits in place. We are all in this together are we - go to hell!!!

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