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Claimant count falls in Swansea but rises in Neath Port Talbot and Carmarthenshire

By SWEPRupertH  |  Posted: November 14, 2012

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THE number of people out of work and claiming Jobseeker's Allowance has fallen in Swansea but increased across Neath Port Talbot and Carmarthenshire.

The claimant count in Swansea fell from 5,522 in September to 5,352 in October.

In Carmarthenshire the number of people out of work and claiming Jobseeker's Allowance rose from 3,606 to 3,689 in the same period.

In Neath Port Talbot the claimant count rose from 3,256 in September to 3,316 in October.

The news comes as American mining giant Walter Energy is consulting with 270 workers at the Aberpergwm Colliery on plans to suspend activities at the Neath Valley mine.

In contrast house builder Persimmon and regeneration specialist St Modwen officially started work on the second phase of housing at the Coed Darcy Urban Village at Llandarcy on Monday this week which is expected to create 880 construction jobs.

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  • hacker_jack  |  November 15 2012, 10:06AM

    muffinman, you gave the answer in your post. If they apply for a decent number of jobs (and yes there ARE jobs out there) then they will keep their allowance.

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  • torquemada  |  November 15 2012, 8:54AM

    willywaun says " if you can walk down the road then obvious you can go and work." Do you mean like Cecelia Burns - http://tinyurl.com/8zeaka9 or Paul Turner - http://tinyurl.com/c8g9up9 or Colin Traynor - http://tinyurl.com/d2uncja or Mark and Helen Mullins - http://tinyurl.com/cykvazh or........I could go on and on They were all genuine people mr Waun and they never had it so easy. Please keep your pitchfork and narrow-minded opinions indoors, I beg of you. The tax payer is footing the huge fee that is paid to French company Atos yet the government wont let the public see the full contract.. Why? Because there would be outrage of a company making money from culling the sick and disabled for this spiteful regime that has shoved people in to their graves way before their time...

    |   2
  • williamwaun  |  November 14 2012, 10:33PM

    Get a job then you won't have to rely on your housing benefits. I am totally with the genuine people and that's why I pay my taxes, but if you can walk down the road or to the pub then obvious you can go and work. My father went out and supported a family of 6 and never claimed benefits. People today have it to easy.

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  • torquemada  |  November 14 2012, 8:47PM

    "what happens with housing benefits then if you lose your dole?" Just because one has their JSA or benefit stopped (its usually drastically cut - not stopped altogether) doesnt mean one loses HB. If one goes to prison or hospital for a short term, Housing benefit is still payed... disgusting isnt it. No wonder the country's in such a mess. I would make all jailbirds homeless and make them depend on gruel from soup kitchens and charity's, let them learn the errors of their ways be pure, be vigilant, behave

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  • geoboy01  |  November 14 2012, 7:51PM

    mr muffinman you seem to know as much as my mate on all this what happens with housing benefits then if you lose your dole?

    |   -2
  • muffinman235  |  November 14 2012, 7:45PM

    Fabricated figures by the DWP & JCP that are due to people being refused or forced off ESA by ATOS and "fORCED ONTO" JSA . Then the fun starts when JCP decides to "Grill" the claimant as to how many "Non Existant" jobs they have applied for? anything under six in a fortnight means claimant is not doing enough to find employment and is denied any benefits for three months, the same claimant has to continue to sign on for those three months, and if is then deemed to not have done enough to find employment, is then sanctioned and denied any benefit for six months. this then goes to three years. what is a person with or without a family to do without any income? Is there any wonder why the Food Banks are springing up everywhere. It pains me to read some of these comments, as like Neathboy 234 i was once in a similar fortunate situation before i fell ill and had to give up employment due to a progressive incurable illness. Be careful for what you wish for is all i can say.

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  • geoboy01  |  November 14 2012, 7:30PM

    by the way labour started off this 'cruelty' of the unemployed people if your reading this just be thankful youve got this lib/con disaster party running things or there would be millions homeless by now chucked out of their council housing!!!!

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  • geoboy01  |  November 14 2012, 6:42PM

    neathboy ive worked as a builders labourer for 30 years,made a fortune and got a great pension to look forward to as from the age of 61,but still feel sorry for unemployed people who cannot get work due to government and their cronie work program wallah's 'not' taking their health issues into consideration!

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  • weslangdon  |  November 14 2012, 4:24PM

    People who's Contributory JSA runs out fall off the list if they have savings or if their partner is in work and the partners earnings exceed Income Support based JSA.

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  • Neathboy234  |  November 14 2012, 3:46PM

    geoboy01 you do have a point. For the past 30 years i have worked shifts, to put it frankly i don't mind working night's, weekends, or even x mass day. But this might not suit some people for various reasons, child care, having to look after someone and so on. There isn't a one fit all solution n for anyone. BTW i and many other wouldn't get any dole because i have got savings. Shame we not living in Germany where you get dole equivalent to 90% of your earnings in the past year for a period of one year

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