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Swansea ranked as one of UK's parking ticket hotspots

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: April 16, 2014

Swansea has come fourth in a list of the UK's league table of parking ticket hotspots outside London.

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Motorists in Swansea have chalked up one of the highest numbers of parking tickets issued over the past year outside of London.

New figures just released by Churchill Car Insurance have ranked the city at fourth in a league of UK ticketing hotspots, discounting the top 13 which are all in London.

According to the company's figures, 35,543 penalty charge notices were issued in Swansea last year. The figure averages out at some 92 a day. The money raised from the fines came to £1,204,972. The figures excluded parking tickets issued by the police and private companies.

In total, councils issued tickets worth around £255 million though the actual amount collected may be lower because of unpaid fines or early settlements.

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Outside of the London top 13, Cornwall tops the parking ticket league, with 47,002 issued during the same period. The very top of the table, including London boroughs, was Westminster, where 455,930 were issued.

A Swansea Council spokesman said tickets were only issued when motorists failed to comply with restrictions, and they regularly received complaints about illegal and dangerous parking.

He added: "Motorists will only be issued with a penalty charge notice if they ignore parking restrictions and park illegally. Parking enforcement is an essential service which ensures traffic routes are not blocked by careless and selfish parking, particularly in busy city centres such as Swansea.

"The council regularly receives complaints from residents who want enforcement in their community. Schools also complain about illegal and dangerous parking outside school gates.

"We also receive calls from the emergency services and public transport services because vehicles are unable to access certain routes. They want the council to tackle illegal parking and we are doing so."

Steve Barrett, head of Churchill Car Insurance, said: "Parking regulations are a hugely important part of keeping roads safe and clear, but it's also essential that fines are fair and proportionate.''

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  • abertawejack  |  May 07 2014, 5:01PM

    I think it's time people voted for "Swansea City" not just a party, because we have been totally misrepresented in all aspects, throughout the years. Wine St has become a no go area at week ends, the kingsway is a mini brands hatch, for buses and taxi racing, High St has become defunct along with the railway/bus stations and has been for some years now, Castle (concrete) gardens is a meeting place for skate boarders and McDonald clients. Mumbles road is an ongoing construction site, the promenade is a walkers nightmare, especially outside the Surf cafe, why in gods name are bikers cycling in front of this cafe, when it's pedestrianized and also an outside customer seating area. The recreation ground is now an overly priced park and ride on one side, whilst adjacent to this we have an annual caravan park, for French gypsies come tourists!. City rates have overly increased, need I bother to state the absorbent car parking fees. Our council employees have scant regard in showing compassion or even professionalism, as in my way and no way whenever I have a rates come disability issues. Then whenever the media (BBC Cardiff..oops Wales) represents Swansea Bay/City, their always either at Mayhill overlooking rooftops or in Mumbles, (normally when the tide is out) Yes time for a change I reckon, unless it's the old adage, better the devil you know? etc. Then again will anyone listen to tax payers gripes.......what do you think?.

  • Jack_Peters  |  April 18 2014, 8:01AM

    So many thick people who can't tell right from wrong. As for spelling and grammar - sad to say that the same thing applies.

    |   2
  • swanseagraham  |  April 16 2014, 7:54PM

    @Dai_Chotomy , Center is not just an American spelling for Centre. In some schools it is taught to distinguish Center as a place and Centre as the middle of something. I am not a journalist and do not get paid to write articles for the public so who cares if my spelling and/or grammar isn't 100% correct even though in this instance I don't think it is, so don't be so pedantic

    |   7
  • GorsseinonJoe  |  April 16 2014, 6:59PM

    Towy500 has a point, Swansea has a "city centre" so fragmented and planned as a through route for bendy buses that has done more damage to the name of the city as a shopping centre than the blitz. If you want to "Park & Ride" it's great! as long as you are shopping in Tesco's. The bus station floors are filthy and it's turning into the pigeon coop that the old one was. The Quadrant is dated and Oxford Street is drab, the Kingsway is a bus route and the attempts to "rejuvenate" has failed miserably. I cannot see how anyone gets a parking ticket as there is nothing to go there for.

    |   13
  • Dai_Chotomy  |  April 16 2014, 5:53PM

    A couple of comments: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Read this http://tinyurl.com/pmom78g . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hadoken, what you are advocating is criminal damage, and anyone caught doing it should be sent to prison. . . . . . . . . . . . . . swanseagraham, how can you expect to be taken seriously if you spell 'centre' as an American? Indeed, perhaps you live in Swansea Illinois, or Swansea South Carolina?

    |   -7
  • Hadoken889977  |  April 16 2014, 4:45PM

    Whenever a 'friend' of mine gets a parking ticket he goes around a few of the parking meters and pours super glue into the coin clot, It stop the machine from accepting money, the company loses 100's or 1000's of pounds in revenue while they send an engineer and it creates a backlog of work for them. If more people did the same they would think twice about ripping you off.

    |   -11
  • Towy500  |  April 16 2014, 2:57PM

    Inaccurate reporting, Cardiff tops the parking ticket list, not Cornwall with nearly 10,000 more tickets last year. Yet their restrictions and much higher parking charges don't stop people going there. Simple fact is that there is nothing in Swansea city centre worth paying for. If what is on offer is good enough people are prepared to pay, sadly in Swansea it isn't.

    |   7
  • PJL1967  |  April 16 2014, 2:01PM

    Why are so many people in Swansea parking illegally? Does it have anything to do with there not being enough places to park legally? Since the 1980's the number of double yellow lines seems to have increased massively, along with an increase in the numbers of cars on the roads.

    |   9
  • RichardCorso  |  April 16 2014, 12:28PM

    "Swansea ranked as one of UK's parking ticket hotspots" - this combined with the never ending roadworks into Swansea is there any surprise that most people prefer to shop outside of Swansea. Now with the new University Campus again outside of Swansea - there's major opportunities for stores to develop next to this new campus - again another reason to not shop in Swansea centre. Swansea has never been an easy place to get in and out of and this together with the fact that many big stores have left Swansea - why go there at all.

    |   8
  • swanseagraham  |  April 16 2014, 11:42AM

    "Motorists will only be issued with a penalty charge notice if they ignore parking restrictions and park illegally." Actually this isn't true, wardens issue tickets when motorists are loading legally or when the parking restrictions should not be enforceable such as missing lines, signs etc. I had a ticket issued when I was entitled to park until 10am, the warden put 11am on the ticket which was a total lie, needless to say I had the ticket cancelled. I would like to see the figures for appealed tickets. I am all for motorists getting tickets if they are parked dangerously such as outside schools etc. but they never seem to get tickets. You cant get near the city center without either paying an extortionate fee from a council run car park or getting a ticket and it is these "easy targets" who the council issue the majority of tickets, no wonder most avoid the city center. Tickets should be seen as a solution to a dangerous problem and not a money making scheme!

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